LunaBoston Spring 2009 Info

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  1. The email I received from LunaBoston after inquiring about their spring selection of Tano bags:


    Thanks for your e-mail! Unfortunately, at this time we do not plan on stocking any bags from the Tano spring collection. However, if you are interested specific styles and colors, I can let you know if they might be available for special order! Please note special orders cannot be cancelled and are returnable for store credit only.

    Please let me know if you have other questions!


    Amanda LaCroix
    Operations Manager
    Luna Boston
    205 Newbury St.
    Boston, MA 02116
    (617) 262-3900

  2. wow. I wonder why?
  3. ^^ I dunno, but they always end up super discounted at the end of the season; I wonder if they just weren't selling well enough? Not to mention we all used the "grechen" code for another 20% off so they were never making as much on the bags.

    They don't always pick the best bags to sell though... lots of coated canvas which is nice... but leather = better! lol
  4. WOW! I'm surprised to hear this!
  5. ^^ Me too! I'm off to email ThatsOurBag next I think... they seem to keep more stock around of old stuff than anyone, too expensive! Not to mention their website is pretty awful as far as pics are concerned!

    MHB = :queen:queen of the tano etailers!
  6. ^^Amen to that. I usually only know what's being offered by other retailers by seeing what y'all post here cos I don't even look anywhere else. :P
  7. Tano bags are not super expensive... you really cant make money selling them discounted.

    LB's "public" retail prices were always too high on Tano bags- that probably lost them a lot of business.

    Only those in the know, like TPFers, bought them there with the 20% GRECHEN code, which is even good on sale items... that's a loosing proposition.
  8. This is really a shock! At first I thought it might be the economy that is affecting the volume of sales, so some lines have to go. But, the Tano line is just the ticket for those who can no longer buy the very high priced designer bags.

    Since LB has always offered good customer service, it is a bit surprising to see how they are handling special orders. No cancellation?
  9. ^^ They've always had that policy with special orders.
  10. Wow. I'm surprised too! Their loss, I guess!
  11. #11 Jan 16, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2009
    Luna Boston doesn't carry high-end designer bags...they carry the mid-range labels.
  12. They have to be affected by the economy. There isn't a store
    that isn't. And stores can't continue to sell merchandise at deep discounts and still survive. Just doesn't work
  13. I have to agree with Tano Expert on this one. It's just business.
  14. Aw, that's too bad. I always thought they priced their bags higher due to the grechen code. And I agree, they didn't always choose the best styles.
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