Lunaboston bought the Purse Store! 20% off!

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    LB is offering 20% off on any purchase on Lunaboston using the code "welcome" - not valid on pre-orders, pre-existing retroactively or otherwise.

    Only through Sunday, 8/24, so hurry up! They also offer free shipping and returns on orders over $100!
  2. it works on RM!
  3. It really works!! :nuts:I just got 20% off the new MAB luxe from Rebecca Minkoff. :yahoo:Am doing a dance of joy!!

    PS. It was a pre-order that they are getting within a week - and they accepted the code!
  4. SWEET! Thanks for letting us know! Now I can finally pick up a RM MAM without feeling guilty!
  5. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the fine print said that pre-orders placed with this code will be canceled :sad:
  6. ^ i think that they accept the code on pre-orders even though it doesn't work, because the computer can't discern a pre-order from a non pre-order. sorry! unless you did it over the phone?
  7. Thank You for posting. I just ordered a RM bag.
  8. Many e-tailers are known to cancel orders even after you have placed them.
  9. Yay!! Thank you soo much. I just bought my first RM!!!
  10. figures I JUST bought a kooba clutch from there two days ago... :crybaby:
  11. ^oh no!
  12. can you cancel and re-order?
  13. oh well - it was worth a shot but they cancelled my pre-order with the code:

    Thanks for your recent order with Unfortunately, the code “welcome” that you used for your pre-order is not accepted on pre-orders, as is stipulated at, where we have posted this code to welcome our new customers! While we are currently unable to exclude pre-orders via our site, we are manually cancelling all pre-orders placed with the code.
  14. Yay! Thank you! I finally got my Jenny Yuen Hitchcock! :smile:
  15. You're all very welcome! I am so tempted to use this myself, but I'm holding strong to my ban - . I'm quite proud of myself, actually - so far it's lasted almost a week!