~*~*~luna_'s collections~*~*~

  1. Here's what I have so far.:biggrin: :angel:

    From Left:
    1) YSL Muse Oversize Chocolate
    2) Gucci Tote Bag
    3) Gucci Compact Sling Bag
    4) Gucci Wallet
    5) Marni Leather Tote Chocolate
    6) LV Petite Noe Mandarin
    7) LV Lexington Pearl
    8) LV Epi Ludlow Red
    9) LV Mini Noe Monogram
    10) Mulberry Bayswater Black Darwin
    11) Marc Jacobs Blake Blueberry
    12) Marc Jacobs Ursula Zip Clutch Cream

    And my Putty Stam, which is being sent out for repairs. :sad: And my LV mono speedy 30 which is at my mum's.:flowers:
    myhappyfamily.jpg mid.jpg mystam3.jpg left.jpg right.jpg
  2. WOW! I think you and I have the same taste in bags! I love every single one of them! Esp. the Mulberry Bayswater, YSL muse, MJ zip clutch, MJ stam, Mj blake!!! AHHH beautiful! hopefully I can get one of them soon!
  3. Loooovvvvveeee your Muse! Great, great collection!

    (Cute doggie too!):love:
  4. love2shop, thank you for your lovely comments. I love all my bags and everytime i try to choose the one i like best, i can't. I guess there's a bag for every mood!!

    Thank you luvpurses24, I carry my muse everyday for work, sometimes during the weekend too!! it's a great bag and i don't have to baby it so much!! i love the whole muse look, very feminine and chic!!
  5. Ooooh I really like the Muse, it's gorgeous. And the MJ zip clutch is too cute !
  6. great bags! you make me want a stam now!!!
  7. love the lexington and the epi noe ..

    would love to get a bag in the perle vernis .. just that i'm so afraid that i would get stains/marks on it . but it so shiny and gorgeous!
  8. oh LuNa!! tHe MUUU:heart: U:heart: UUU:heart: USE!!!
    What can I say!!!!!! I saw it in Saks two weeks ago and cant sleep without thinking about it!! Yours is just a beauty :love: and you have the most beautiful color!! :flowers: plz plz plz take more pics of the muse!! i am sure yours has many fans since its chocolate :love:

    the color of the blueberry MJ is to die for! :biggrin:
    and i always loved the mini Noe.. so cute!

    best wished for your MJ.. i am sure it will return back home safe and sound :flowers:
  9. I love your collection! I like how you take a chance on color!! The orange LV the blue MJ, the red LV wallet, the fierce MJ ursala wallet oh my!! I like wallets in bright colors so I don't have to think about looking for them in my purse they just sort of jump out arms waving "hey, you I'm here":roflmfao:
  10. Nice collection....
  11. i like your collection!every bùsingle bag is so cute:love::love:
  12. ayla, yes! don't you love the pretty MJ zip clutch in cream? She is the latest addition. I must say i really like it!!:love:

    mahbag!, i love my stam, but it broke the second time i took it out.:sad: so i'm stam-less now. Two months before i get her back.:hrmm:

    lavie,the pearl lexington was too hard to resist!! i was lusting after it for the longest time and finally got it because i was going to be my best friend's bridesmaid and HAD TO HAVE a stunning white pochette!! Which better one to buy than the lexington!?:love:

    vanilla_addict, once again, you crack me up with your icons. thank you for your nice compliments. I will try to take more pics of my muse and post later on. Stay tuned!:flowers: Was there something you were looking for in particular?

    janice, I love all my bags and the different colors are perfect for every mood. Of course, i am planning to get more bags for even more moods!! :graucho: I try to select the best color i like for the design and i try not to buy repeated colors except for my working bags which i tend to lean towards black and brown.

    IMO, my cream ursula zippy would never beat your lobster red. WHO can be fiercer than that red on your ursula zippy?:graucho:

    And i love it when i don't have to dig around for my wallet.

    Roomyisbest & mischa and EVERYONE, thank you for your kind comments and checking out my collection.

    I am so glad i found this forum where i could share my passion in handbags with you guys.
  13. I LOVE that blueberry! gorgeous color
  14. Awesome collection! I really love your Mulberry and the color of that Blake is to-die-for!
  15. Love your collection and your sweet little doggie :smile: