Luna vs. Avventura & customer service question.

  1. Ack!

    Two nights ago I bought a Luna in Vacanze on (Yay for coupons!) because I really need a new travel bag but now I'm having second thoughts that maybe an Avventura would have been a better choice.

    I checked out the amazing thread of all the sizes of tokidokis and theres a great photo of a Luna, which really helped.

    Does anyone prefer one over the other? I'm going away for a month, I have two regular suitcases, but I'm also planning on going away for a week, would the Luna be able to hold a weeks worth of bulky winter clothes?:jammin: Or would the Avventura be a better choice?

    I really love the Vacanze print, does a bigger bag always equal more print and cuteness or can it sometimes be the same print on both sides?

    I called customer service to see if I could switch, I haven't received a shipping notice yet, but no one answered! I called three times, pressed 1 twice and 2 the last time :sad: It was still within business hours too :sad: Is it easier to get into contact with them via email? How long did it take to get your shipping notice?

    Phew! That's a lot :smile:

    Thank You!!!!:heart:
  2. I had an Tutti Avventura before and had a CR Luna at the same time...I tried fitting the exact same amount of clothes in both bags...the Luna ended up having more space~ Plus, in my opinion, it's easier to carry once it's stuffed (since you can sling it across your shoulder) whereas with the Avventura you gotta hold it or put it under your arm and it's really heavy and big stuffed x_x

    Either way, I don't think the Luna or the Avventura can hold one week's worth of winter clothes =/ since I packed about 4-5 days worth of normal shirts and stuff...I think maybe you'd be able to fit 2 days worth of winter clothes?

    As for the print all depends on luck...with bigger bags, you have a higher chance of getting more of the print..but sometimes they'll end up being -really- similar =/ but sometimes that's a good thing right? lol

    and finally xDD I've only dealt with customer service twice...and they emailed me back within a couple hours after I asked them a question about my you could try that if you want =D

    Hope I helped some! =D
  3. That helped a LOT! Thank you so much!

    I think I'm going to stick with the Luna because it could always be a really cute gym bag :smile: And I didn't even think about how practical the strap is!