Luna, Trenino, and other big bag durability?

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  1. Ladies,

    I love how the Luna and Trenino bags look in the tokidoki print, but, are they practical? I feel like I put my suitcase and travel bags on the floor alot so I'd be soooo afraid of getting these cute bags dirty! Are they more durable or thicker than the normal handbags? Can they hold alot of weight?

    I had a Lesportsac Deluxed every day bag that I stuffed and it started to rip. :sad:

  2. I'd like to know about this too ... I was thinking of gettig a luna maybe for the days I have to lug stuff to dance class.
  3. I have both a trenino and a luna, and have used both as weekender/overnight bags. I've stuffed clothing, toiletries, sandals, small paperbacks into them and have no problem at all. I think if the bags are overstuffed with heavier items though, they may rip.
    The fabric on the luna and trenino is the same as other tokis and the regular lss bags. I actually have a regular lss large weekender bag which I've stuffed to about 10-15 lbs in weight and it survived a week-long trip out of the country just fine.
  4. My foresta luna made it unscathed as a carry-on and "carry all my junk around" bag in Maui for 2 weeks. It held all the typical carry-on stuff--xtra clothes, snacks, ipod, etc. on the plane and off the plane it held snorkeling stuff, swimsuit, towel, clean clothes. I also carry it to the gym almost every day and it's still spotless.

    I did scotch guard it when it was brand new and I look it over every once in a while with a tide pen and mr. clean magic eraser to wipe off gym floor grimieness.
  5. ooh thanks for the input pandabear and EmilyRenee!! I think I just may get a luna for dance class now :biggrin:
  6. glad to help. I think a paradiso luna would be cute for a dance bag.
  7. thanks for your input ladies! :smile:

    wow, i can't believe you put snorkeling gear in there! that's great!
  8. I didn't expect to, but it fit so perfectly...I couldn't help it. I didn't take the bag to beaches with me tho, I kept beach stuff in a tote wrapped up in the luna then just took what I needed for the beach in the tote and left the luna in the car. Didn't want to get it all sandy (no pun intended!)