Luna + Travel Question

  1. I contemplated getting a luna for quite sometime. Right now I just have an inferno zucca and caramella, I abhor my current overnight bag, but I travel a lot. Basically every other weekend if not more. Boyfriend and family live 3 hours away but I have a good job I don't want to leave, just yet.

    For those of you that have seen or have the luna what are the pro's and con's of such a bag. It looks dimension size to be perfect, but before I spend money I want to make sure. I plan to purchase from the outlet so I don't want to make a bad purchase I cannot return.

    Lastly any favorites or opinions on specific patterns for the luna?

  2. I have three Lunas.... and they are great for storing my other Tokis. I used mine for it's real purpose this past weekend and...let's just say It makes a great storage for my tokis.

    It didn't hold as much as I thought it would. And it was hard to get stuff in and out of it.

    I was very disappointed :sad:
  3. ^HAHA, the way you said that was funny.

    Anyway, I saw a really nice original print luna at the outlet here...if I were to get one, I think I would get the original print :biggrin:
  4. mind sound odd, but how much stuff did you take with you, i usually stick to a set of pjs, undies and three/four shirts/sweaters and a pair of pants. Traveling much you streamline it down. The bag I have now is fine, except it's pink. It was a gift. I'm not a fan. Haha. Hmm..but if it is moreso useful as a storage device I may want to just buy another tokidoki style instead, hehe.

  5. I use my original print luna for the gym and just hold a pair of sneakers, workout pants and top - I'd guess it would hold enough for an overnight trip depending on how much stuff you pack - but definitely not more than 2-3 days worth.
  6. Not much. A pair of pjs. Two sets of underwear. One pair of jeans. 2 t-shirts and a long sleeved denim shirt.
  7. Thanks all! I may get one but not rely on it for longer weekend trips. It saddens me though I wanted some cute form of luggage, hehe.
  8. The only thing that concerns me about the luna is that it looks like it would sag badly if you filled it up. Does this happen?

    I love your shopping is better than sex motto. Lol!
  9. haha! it is true, although I'd never tell my boyfriend that ;) hehe.

  10. oh no no..if shopping is better than sex, then something is wrong with the sex youre having LMFAO. Imma shut up now.
  11. Lol! I swear it is those darn bc pills.
  12. Nope, no sagging. It was too stuffed to sag.
  13. it's a tie but sex for the win.

    but sometimes shopping works as a good replacement with a 3.5 hr drive to have sex. ;)
  14. Good to hear because I thought for sure it would lose its shape.
  15. uh uh girl...dont blame those BC pills. What kind you have? I use Yasmin lol...does not affect nada lol :rolleyes: