Luna defects

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  1. I went to look at the new Luna bag yesterday & found out they were pulled due to a defect. Did anyone else have the same problem? I should have asked what the defect was. Also I read somewhere on TPF that the Kimono style was coming out in the PM size. Does anyone know the release date?
  2. They aren't on LV UK anymore.
  3. Wow, that was fast. Was that the one with the covered chain handle? Maybe it was because of that?
  4. Hmmm, that's strange. I wonder why they were recalled. Hopefully Louis Vuitton will fix the issue and send out improved bags soon.
  5. Not familiar with the style. Does anyone have a picture?
  6. Yes, talked to my SA today and she said her store got the email just before they were to be put out. It is the strap that is the issue and they were all sent back; hopefully a new batch will come out soon :smile:.
  7. Thanks, had a feeling it was either the strap or the covered chain handle. Although in enjoying my new Caissa Clutch, the Luna & Kimono PM are on my radar. I took my Pochette Metis to see if the glazing could be repaired which I learned about on TPF & at first they said it would be free which surprised me since I bought it in February 2013. Then they said I would be given a brand new bag instead & be priority on the waitlist. When the bag came in I decided I didn't want that style anymore & they gave me a credit for the current price. I was shocked! So I'm planning to use the credit towards the purchase of either the Kuna or Kimono PM if either style gets released.
  8. Hello. Does anyone have additional info on whether it's the chain handle or the strap that was the issue and what the issue may have been? Thanks in advance.
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