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  1. For those of you that were interested in the Tano handbags-they had quite a few on sale here. I used the code "Grechen" and got another 20% off the sale price as well. You should check their handbag sale out!
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  2. Thanks!!
  3. Stacking the coupon is a good way to get a better deal on one of the Hayden Harnett bags too!
  4. luna boston has exceptional customer service, i would recommend them highly!
  5. I ordered the black Hayden-Harnett Hudson Hobo earlier today. It's already shipped and will be here on Wednesday! (And that's the free shipping... didn't even have to upgrade!)
  6. Yeah, it is an amazing site. Thanks!
  7. yay i can get a anna corinna city tote! the code works...thanks! :wlae: