Luna Boston New Markdown on Some Hayden-Harnett Bags


    The Nomade hobo, the Gaza luxe hobo, the Gaza luxe satchel, and the Mosa hobo are 50% off now!

    The Hudson hobos are $295 in all three colors:black, cocoa, and smoke blue.

    And: use code 'grechen' for additional 20% off!

    Free shipping and awesome service there! :yes:
  2. Thanks so much for the info and also for the link. There are some beautiful bags at some great prices but not exactly what I was looking for. I'm saving up for just the right bag...I just haven't found it yet. (but I'm sure looking)
  3. Just noticed - the 50% off is not only for some Hayden-Harnett bags. There are also bags of Aaneta and Andrew Marc at 50% off. Enjoy, :smile:
  4. Thanks SO MUCH! I eyed the Nomade in bittersweet longingly when it came out. By combining the grechen code with the sale, I got the bag for 60% off. Free shipping too!
  5. I will attest that their service is great. I bought a Hayden Harnet Hudson hobo (try to say that 3 times fast;) ) and got it for $236 with the sale and coupon code. It was shipped to me within 2 days and I just ordered regular ground shipping.