Luna Boston has a bunch of Logan Satchels for spring!

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  1. They have black, chalk, moss, and snake. I swear this is the best ever Botkier collection, between the Howard St Satchel, Logan satchel, and Brooklyn hobo in cement, I'm in trouble! Does anyone know if LB accepts the Gretchen code? Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.
  2. ITA! Botkier is on a roll with last season's collection and now this stupendous spring one! I am enraptured with the carnival snake Howard and the gold snake Logan. I am banned until after April. I hope there will be something left after then. :nuts:
  3. I've never heard of G codes before. So I looked them up and I saw the codes page. The one for LB is expired but it says to check back periodically for new deals. Thanks for the post, I learned something new!!

  4. I agree...I am really liking her collection!!! I am keeping my eye on the Howard street in the cement. I am not banning myself completely but I am going to try to work on one bag at a time.
  5. I love the Logan Stachel in gold snake and in moss, but I don't NEED them to fit a missing piece of my collection, so I might make myself pass...
  6. I switched from RM to Botkier this season. I ordered the exclusive Howard St. in crinkled camel and the Brooklyn hobo in natural snake. Now I'm completely broke until I weed out some older bags to auction off.
  7. ^^Oohhh....I can't wait to see your pics! The Howard Street is probably my favorite Botkier bag stylewise because it's a satchel with the extra strap but what I love about it are the handles. The handles can make or break a bag and I just love the thickness of the handles! :smile:
  8. Luna Boston code: covet30 for 30% off regular price items!
  9. I've tried several items and none show as discounted when I get to the final screen to place an order. It seems as if Botkier and RM aren't included?
  10. these look great! does anyone know if they are heavy? (they kind of look like it...)

    i believe the LB code doesn't work on new spring designs :sad:
  11. just double checked - the 30% code doesn't work for spring but it looks like FB25 if you are a facebook fan should do the trick for 25%!!
  12. Yep, fb25 work on the new Botkier!
  13. Thanks elmel! Shared it with my sis and she got the logan!:biggrin:
  14. Thanks Elmel. The magenta Howard Street satchel is on the way to my house.
  15. I am so torn, First I think i want an Uma Satchel, then a Logan, then maybe a enice feedbag...I can't decide! And no, I can't afford to buy ALL of them!