Luna Boston Code


wag more, bark less
Aug 11, 2007
I just did a "test" run through with INSTYLE08 and it worked, taking 25% off a Dylan Zip Tote that I have no intention of buying but wanted to check if the code works. It made the $595 bag $446 shipped!
Try again, ladies! It's a great discount!!!

B. Jara

Oct 30, 2005
It works/worked (I think it is out of date) on all in stock merchandise. There are no more Smoke Dylan Totes in stock, all are pre-order so it didn't work
on one for me on Friday. :crybaby:

I am still conflicted on whether to get the Dylan Zip Tote in Smoke, or the Large Dylan Speedy in Iron. Per LP, the Iron is darker, which may be the better route for me.... :thinking: but only available through LP. I am waiting for a better discount, closer to Luna Boston's 25% off...I am holding off until then. Maybe they will do a Monday Madness discount that is similar. :woohoo:

I have the Dylan Speedy in Midnight (Sep and I are twins :P) and the Dylan Zip in black, so I know that I like the two styles really well....

Decisions, decisions...