Luna Boston code for 25% off!!!!

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  1. I was looking through my Lucky mag and found a Lucky Break for for 25% off EVERYTHING!!!! I couldn't resist so I got a black Rebecca Minkoff small Nikki for $420! What a steal on such a HOT bag. Lots of designers to choose from including Anna Corinna and Hayden-Harnett. Quick, go shopping!!!! Enter "luckybreaks3" at checkout. :yahoo:
  2. very cool, thanks!
  3. I've been looking for the small mini nikki. I didn't see any on the site. I called and was told they would only be receiving the regular size nikki's.
  4. I think I got the last small Nikki because after I purchased it I went back to browse the site and it was gone. I was debating between the small and the large but I decided on the small because it was in stock and the large was a pre-order. If I decide to return it, I'll let you know.
  5. Same here. Debating between the small and regular size Nikki. I'm only 5' and the Kooba Sienna is just perfect. Anything larger can overwhelm anything I wear. Tell me how you like the size of the Nikki! Pictures please!:rolleyes:
  6. t4p! but is it just me or are their prices a little higher than other online retailers....the mini city is 384 here but 360 at revolve and other stores...
  7. Yeah, I just noticed the higher prices too! The Anna Corinna Bender is $468 on Luna Boston, but around $395-$399 on other websites. That seems like a huge mark-up to me. Do you think they purposely increase prices when they offer big discounts and think that no one will be the wiser? :confused1:
  8. actually that is the same price of the bag on Shopbop too - i think Anna Corinna had a price increase (UGH) a few weeks ago and some sites are transitioning the prices slower than others. LB just has all of the new prices.
  9. oh man...good to know, now I just may have to hurry up and finally purchase the mini city!!
  10. actually i'm not too sure about that. lunaboston has some inconsistent prices, even for the same style of bag, just for different colors. did you notice that the anna corinna duffles were a few different prices? it's always been like that, so it might also depend on how many of each item they order. you know, if they order less of one item, they mark it up a bit more??
  11. Thanks a lot for the info!:wlae:

  12. I don't know....I just know that AC and HH etc always seem to up their prices every other season or so and it always looks to me like LB just ups them on the earlier side (so does shopbop, usually at about the same time), then the retail prices jump up on all of the other sites a few weeks later. I have a weird memory for numbers, so I seem to notice this stuff!! The only times I've seen 2 prices is when it seems like it's what ends up as the old and the new (I did see that on the duffles a while back when I was thinking of getting another one!), so maybe they sell out the old ones then raise the prices with new shipments?
  13. works on sale items too! debating whether to get the moni moni savannah...