luna boston 25% off THIS WEEK ONLY!!!

  1. until next Friday - november 23, take 25% off orders at with code 'grechen25' - they've just "bumped up" the normal 20% off grechen code to 25% off this week only...

  2. I just bought a bag there on Thursday, I wonder if they'd credit me the difference (I'm a frequent flier there).
  3. I just bought a bag yesterday only using grechen. I'm going to see if they'll do the 25%. Thanks for the post!
  4. You are awesome!
  5. Oooh! I guess I'm getting some new bags :p. Thanks so much for the info!
  6. Thanks!!
  7. Thank you!!!:tup:
  8. oh what a great deal :smile:
  9. And I was just going to post a query on whether the discount was ever raised more than 20 percent at this store. You are awesome--thanks.
  10. YAY!!!! I'm getting a Lauren Merkin clutch. THANK YOU!!!
  11. Thank you...I just got a fabulous deal - a Rebecca Minkoff matinee bag - it was on sale in the color I got (black w/blue suede) for $500 from $625 (it's still the regular price on the RM site), and I got $125 off - grand total $375! Who could pass that up? :wlae:

    (not me!)
  12. i just bought the mid-city from there, i should see if they're refund me the difference.
  13. does that mean the sale is still valid all day tomorrow? i'm nuts and these things never make sense to me. sorry!