Luna Boston 25% Off Sale- Check out Tano!

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  1. Ladies-
    There is a sale going on at Luna Boston today for 25% off if you use code fabthings25. I just got a Tano Back On Top in Black for $78!
    Here is a pic of the green one (since I can't find the black anymore- guess it's out!)

    You guys can get the remaining colors!
  2. Thanks TXCG! That's a great deal!
  3. Congrats Coachgirl! I hope you love Tano's coated canvas... I think it's amazing! It's such a cute bag and a fab price!
  4. Is the bag coated canvas or leather? I'm sure I'll like it either way, but I thought it was leather. Of course the description didn't say.
  5. It's coated canvas... it is almost like crinkle patent leather from Coach though... just a bit thicker and 'chewier' if that makes sense? You will be able to take your bag in ANY weather and have it hold up!
  6. Congrats! Great deal! Can't wait for your pics!
  7. I like the look of these! The coated canvas looks cool. I look forward to photos!
  8. From item details on Luna Boston:

    Glossy, black coated canvas.
  9. What a great deal! I have never owned a coated canvas Tano. Can anyone tell me about how they look IRL and how they wear. Do they look as "patent leathery" as in the pics?
  10. ^^ They are definitely shiny and glossy but the material is very crinkly and thick; it's like a thick, crinkled patent leather almost!

    My 'found at last' isn't quite as crinkly as my 'greta turbo'. I absolutely adore the tano coated canvas because it's like patent and is amazing in any weather! It smooshes down too, it's not stiff at all! I adore it and it's usually pretty inexpensive!

    If you do a search, you should be able to find pics of my greta turbo as well as my found at last!
  11. Did anyone pick up a Tano during this sale?
  12. I looked, was tempted but didn't pull the trigger. If they had a found at last in blue, I probably would have bought it.
  13. ^^Yeah.....unfortunately they didn't have anything I wanted either.
  14. I just got the bag today. It is cute! The canvas is pretty flexible. It kind of does look like the leather bags until you touch it.
  15. ^^ Take pics!