Luna Boston 25% off only today

  1. Use code: kickoff
  2. Thank you!!!

    I'd love to order from them, but I'm in Asia. Was planning to ship my order to a relative in California who can bring it home (sans customs taxes). How do I do this though, when I can't input my details -- the site only has US states on the form?

    Also, I wanted to ask -- to those who've ordered from them before, how much additional is the sales tax? Were you happy with their service? Thanks!
  3. Thanks Gung!!!!
  4. Thanks, this may be enough incentive to get over there today to check out the AC midi-city.
  5. You probably want to use your relative's credit card to make this purchase and then pay them back by some other means. It's easier to make billing and shipping address the same, or else you maybe asked a lot of questions making sure that it's not a fraudulent transaction.

    Sales tax - really depends on where you're shipping the package to, differs from state to state. Since they have a physical presence in Massachusetts, they'll charge 5% if the package is shipped to anywhere in MA. In your case you probably don't have to pay any tax, since they don't have a store in CA.
  6. mcmug, thanks so much! :biggrin:
  7. thanks! i got some FootPetals!