Luna Boston ~ 20% Off

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    20 percent discount with code storeadore

    Not certain of the expiration date....possibly September 15th
  2. Thanks! Do you know if this includes Kooba, Botkier & Rebecca Minkoff which are usually excluded?
  3. ^ I tried to use it on an RM bag and got a message saying that Botkier, Kooba, RM, and Treesje are excluded.
  4. Thanks. Darn! I was hoping since it's a temporary code that it might work for RM.

  5. Sorry...there was no information other than the amount of the discount and the code in the newsletter I received.
  6. just used it for HH lorca in oyster that was already on sale. came out to $148 shipped. they also have it in anthracite and goldrush. there's also a oyster mercer clutch that is $155 before the 20% off.
  7. ^Yup RM is excluded Unfortunately I guess the temporary code thing doesn't work here in this case. Otherwise I think half their bags would be sold out lol.
  8. Thanks! I got $50 off a Tano Sexbomb with this code. :yahoo:
  9. Thanks! I do appreciate these coupon postings :tup:
  10. Darn RM's excluded. I was hoping for a new nikki. lol
  11. It works on the Kooba Talia's on sale...brings them down to $260.00
  12. It worked for me on the RM Market Tote.
  13. Jupiter --- did you see the note next to the "your code was accepted" box? If you click on it, it lists all the designers that LB is unable to accept discounts for, including RM. Or did you lucky and actually get to buy the bag?