Luna Boston 20-40% off full price items

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  1. I don't know if this was posted but I was at the Luna Boston store today and they have a promo going on where you pick a valentine and on the back it has a a percentage off 20-40 % full price items. I was able to snag a 30%:yahoo:.
  2. Is there a link? Please.
  3. ^ I think it's only in-store.
  4. :sad:
  5. yes, sorry only in stores. I don't know if you call the store ,they may be able to give you some type of discount and ship it to you. The item I wanted was not in store so they ordered it on line. It will be shipped to my house for free. They seem to always have some type of promotion in store so it doesn't hurt to call and see if they will offer any discounts.
  6. What a great deal for those of you lucky to visit the store in person! I wish they would do something similar online.
  7. what did you get?