Luna bars vs clif bars

  1. Which is better, tastes better?

    And what flavors? There are soooo many varieties
  2. Clif bars!! Luna bars taste really chalky. So bad that I have half a box left. :sad:
  3. i like luna bars much better. cliff bars stick to the roof of my mouth and don't have very good flavor. the luna bars are crunchier and have the coating on the bottom...mmm the lemon ones are yummy. and key lime, cherries over chocolate and nutz over chocolate. the rest taste a little chalky esp the chai. don't eat the chai ones. luna bars have less calories for the most part. maybe that's because the only cliff bar i like is the one with all the peanut butter in it.

    i most often eat kashi go lean crunch bars though. they taste better with even few cals than both the other ones. more protein and vitamins too. :smile: there are only two flavors though...caramel chocolate and peanut butter chocolate. too sweet for a breakfast substitute, but good for midday snack.
  4. I love Luna Bars.
    My favorite is Nutz over Chocolate.
    Clif bars are delish as well, like big cookies. :smile:
  5. i like the luna bars, nutz over chocolate.. .YUMM!
  6. Like Clif better but both have so much sugar.

    So instead I keep a small tupperware container filled with almonds and dried cherries in the car.
  7. I'd say neither. Lol. Personally, I eat Power Bars... but I eat them for the protein...
  8. Well Luna Bars and Cliff Bars are made by the same company. The company now also makes a bar called Z bars. Cliff bars came out first and seem to be more dense- Luna Bars came out and were made for 'women'. The Luna Bars have different vitamins and minerals that us ladies need a bit more.

    I would choose a Luna Bar but they are both good- I eat both, and the Z bars are great too!

    I love Lemon Zest and Nutz over Choclate Luna Bars. Also the Dulce De Leche Luna Bar is great. As for Cliff Bars, I love the Chocolate Brownie and Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch. The Z bars are their bars for kids, but have less calories and taste great- I think it is the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip one that I like! :love:

    The company that makes these bars is fantastic- it is why I eat these bars. They use little to no refined sugars and no white flour or starches (wheat and dairy free bars!!! ALL OF THEM) The bars are mostly organic and unlike many other bars are low in sugar (many bars use tons of sugar) and still very high in protein! :idea:
  9. Never had Clif. LOVE Luna Lemon Zest! YUM-O!
  10. I just ate the chocolate peanut crunch Clif bar for breakfast. I love them. I've never had Luna bars. Guess I'm missing out!
  11. I love Luna bars! :love: The lemon zest and chocolate something-or-other (forgot the name) are yummy :nuts:
  12. I love both!!! But I like Lunas a little better -- like Megs says, they have more vitamins and are slightly lower in calories if you are looking for a lighter snack.

    There are a couple of flavors that are a little too complicated and gloppy (I had some sort of new caramel coated thing a few days ago and didn't even finish it, yuck) but most are great. Chocolate Pecan Pie, Chia Tea, Nutz over Choc, Lemon, Oatmeal Raison, Smores, and Key Lime Pie are all great.

    All Cliffs are yummy too, like cookies:smile:
  13. I really like Balance bars. They are balanced with the right amount of protein, fat and carbs.
  14. Balance bars are so good! I love the mint chocolate chip and yogurt honey peanut :love:
  15. I love the yogurt honey peanut flavor in the balance bar!

    I have also been eating lately Zone Perfect bars, which is the same 40%, 30%, 30% like the Balance bars. The label says they are all natural. (?) I love the Strawberry Yogurt flavor. Mmmmmm...