Luna as a handbag (minus the long strap)?

  1. I just tried taking the long strap off my Luna and seeing how it would look carried as a handbag - honest opinions (I won't get offended), what do you think? Good, "eh," or bad/too gym bag-ish? See attached picture.
  2. I think it works for a large handbag. That seems to be the trend anyways right now.

    The luna is not as big as I thought.
  3. too big..
  4. Yeah, when I saw the Luna IRL I thought it was much smaller than what I figured it would be. It actually looks nice as a big handbag :biggrin: It's too big for my tastes, but it does look good in the picture like that..just like a longer zucca haha.
  5. It's kind of like a longer Gioco, I think! (The hand straps actually fit over my shoulder too, but I don't think I'd wear it like that.) Not sure if it's TOO long or not though.. so far it's still a Maybe. Thanks for the feedback!
  6. You look good with it like that :tup::tup:. I think you can totally use it that way! :yes:
    Do you think you'll be able to get in and out of it easily? :confused1:
  7. Thanks - I do think it will be hard to get in and out of though. I have trouble with my Zuccas and Buon Viaggios even though I love those styles. This would probably be even harder because it has a longer zipper. Hrrmmm..
  8. You do have a good point the zipper would probably be too long to get in and out of it easily.

    I don't use my giocos because of that problem.
  9. Really? Crap. I wish tokidoki bags weren't so floppy, then it wouldn't be as much of an issue. Oh well, I probably won't use it as a handbag then, but at least I have a lot of travel plans still left for this summer. ;)
  10. It is that darn zipper! If it wasn't so cheap. I have giocos in pirata, adios and amore and they all stick. Those were probably the worst prints to get the gioco in because the quality of the fabric and zipper were not good.

    Is the zipper smooth on your PG?
  11. Well, and at least you tried something new :tup: kudos to you. I wouldn't even have thought about doing something like that hahaha. I should buy a Vacanze Bambinone and then switch the strap with a shorter one hahahhaahaahha.
  12. But then wouldn't it be like a bambino if you did that? Is there a big difference in size between the bambino and bambinone?
  13. It's a little bigger and I would steal the strap from maybe a bella so it would fit on my arm instead of the small bambino strap...that doesnt :X To me the size of the bag doesnt's the strap :X fatarms-fatarms. lolz.
  14. Ok, I see that makes sense. It is too bad that bellas either no longer exist in the new prints or are extremely difficult to come by.
  15. Yes, it is. I have also noticed that the zipper quality went down from Pirata onwards. My best friend's brand new Spiaggia Campeggio zipper got stuck TOTALLY shut today and she had to slice through the back pocket to get into it! There wasn't even any fabric jammed in it, it just glued itself shut somehow. :tdown: