Lumpy Kelly

  1. I've noticed that my new-ish 32 Clemence Etoupe Kelly looks sort of lumpy when I load her up with my normal stuff. She's not overloaded, but she gets strange lumps and bulges, sort of reflecting what's inside. Does anyone else notice this with their Retourne Kellys? Does it bother anyone? Is it normal?

    It sort of makes me laugh, although it isn't really an elegant look per se! :p
  2. Clemence is so soft that if there is something "lumpy" in your bag, it will tend to show -- and etoupe is the kind of color that also shows. My etoupe birkin in swift has the same tendency. You need to make sure that anything with sharp edges is inside something else - like, keys in a case, phone in a Karo, etc. HTH!
  3. Maybe try a pursket of chameleon insert to give it some shape and hold all of your items?
  4. Thanks, you two. I've never thought of having a purse within a purse. I don't think we can get Pursekets here in Aus. Must check out. Thx. :flowers:
  5. I think the lumpiness (which I notice in my clemence and togo birkins and bolide too) is kind of charming. It makes it look like a "real" bag - as opposed to some cheap vinyl knockoff from Strawberry or Daffys :smile:
  6. Yup, that's clemence alright. It's so souple it takes the shape of what's inside. A bag organiser would 'fix' that. Clemence lovers would not think it needs fixing at all. It's the character of the leather.
  7. Nice of you to share some info^^
  8. allaboutnice~
    thank you so much for sharing~~
    this is what i've been looking for a while...and i'm in the UK too~
  9. it must be the pink background blinds me...
    i cannot find the sizes apart for the beach one...
    Measuring 28 x 8 x 19cm
    do you think it's too big for a kelly 28??
    is this the biggest size they do? i've got a kelly 35 and birkin 35 as well..wonder which size is the best
  10. See post #46 on this thread:

    There's pics of my VIP insert and a better link for VIPs to the original company that made them although I got mine from an online company in Preston, UK called or something similar - their service was excellent online, v fast delivery. I have a 35cm retourne Kelly and got the 'business' VIP, a bit larger than the standard one and with more pockets, fits my 35cm very nicely, I'm away at the moment so I can't check its measurements for you. One of the SAs at my store liked it so much, she got one too.

    bananasoup, sorry, here you go:
  11. allaboutnice~you are an angle~~
    thank you very much!!