Lump on dog's leg? Scared!

  1. Tomorrow I'm taking Bailey (my 10 year old doxie) to the vet because we found a lump on his leg. I'm hoping it is just a fatty deposit but I am so nervous it's something worse. :crybaby: Please send a prayer/good thoughts his way! :flowers:
  2. :flowers: I hope it's nothing serious, let us know what the vet says :heart:
  3. My dog had a lump on her leg, and it was just a cyst. They actually took liquid from it, but the vet could tell it was nothing because of the shape and feel of it.
  4. My dog ended up with a bunch of those on her body as she aged. They were all nothing. *Sending many good thoughts your way*
  5. My scottie just had a huge cyst removed from her tail. One of my other dogs used to have these fatty type cysts. Many times, they are nothing. Hope it's so...
  6. Thanks everyone!!! :flowers: I'll let you know what the vet says tomorrow. He's our baby and DH and I are just so worried about him. Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers. We really appreciate it! :flowers:
  7. I'm prayin' for you that all goes well with the vet tomorrow. I hope the lump is nothing serious and your lil man will be okay.
  8. Best Wishes :flowers: , Hope it's nothing serious.
    please keep us informed.
  9. Thanks Sarah and Cat! :flowers:
  10. try not to worry - this is pretty common. my dog has the same thing and because it is soft the vet is not worried about it. we keep on eye on it and if it changes at all we will have it aspirated. more often than not, its just a sign of getting older.
  11. Absolutely, prayers for you and your doxie headed your way. I hope it's nothing of concern. You are a good fur-mommy to have it checked.
  12. Thanks Bagnshoo and Boxermom!!! :flowers:
  13. must be a day for bringing dogs to the vet, my dog goes in tomorrow to for a lump on her head :sad: good luck with your baby!!!
  14. Crochetbella and bjcox, fingers crossed that everything will go well for your dogs.
  15. Thanks passerby and bj! Good luck with your vet visit bj!!!