Lump behind the ear! Help!

  1. A few days ago I noticed a lump about the size of a pea behind my left ear. It's a bit sore when I touch it.. and its not completely hard or soft.. sort of right in the middle.

    I have no idea what it is! could someone help? Has anyone else gotten something like this??

    THis is freaking me out!!! :sad::sad:
  2. Have you had a cold recently???

    I had this a while after a cold and it was just a swollen lymph node :smile:
  3. nope no cold :sad:

    What exactly is a swollen lymph node?? and what did it efel like for you
  4. I had this happen behind my left ear...Kinda in the middle where the ear goes into your head (that was badly explained, but I hope you know what I mean! lol). To me, it kinda felt like a hard pimple underneath a layer of softness...Just like you described, not hard and not soft. Very strange.

    I found that the more I messed with it, the larger it got - so try not to mess around with it or touch it. Also, can I ask if you wear classes??? Wearing my glasses also irritated the lymph node since mine are kind of tight in the behind-the-ear area
  5. If you're really concerned, you need to visit a doctor, not ask for advice from random people on a message board.
  6. Well people post up many things they are concerned about prior doctor's visit to see if others have experienced the same thing, so I thought why not share my problems.

    I thought perhaps it was a huge zit.. but from what lamiastella is telling me, now I know I should go to a doctor.

    I didn't think I was doing something wrong by posting this up? No need to answer that way hehe :smile:
  7. I have had a small lump above my ear for years and when I had my doc check it he said it was a cyst. He checked to see if he could move it around a little and then when he could, he said it was nothing to worry about...
  8. Hope you see your doctor soon and let us know what it is. It may be nothing but it's best to check it out.
  9. I have these often. Usually after cold too! If you want to be 100% sure then go to your doctors!

    And no Hun, there's no problem asking questionson here. After all this is the health section!
  10. From what you're describing I think I get the same thing, a swollen lymph node.

    Both my husband and I get these all the time, well maybe not all the time, but they come and go every once in a while.

    I've been getting them for years. I get mine right behind the fleshy part of my ear lobe, in the spot between the top of my jaw and the base of my skull.

    I sometimes get them when I'm sick, right before I get sick or right after I get sick.

    But I have had them appear at random times. :upsidedown:

    My family doctor and my dermatologist told me it was nothing to worry about. But if you're at all uneasy, go get it checked out. :tup:

    And don't worry, you did nothing wrong by asking your question here, everyone else does!!!! :okay:
  11. I have one like you're describing behind my ear. I was sooo worried and went to the dr. to check it out. It ended up being a cyst. He offered to remove it for me for cosmentic purposes but I decided against it. Def. check it out to make sure that its nothing serious.
  12. I have one right now, and have had it for several years. It flares up, and hurts and gets larger when I have a cold, or since I have had this episode with eczema. Indicative of something going on in our body.

    Supposedly mild pain is a good thing when it comes to swollen nodes.
    Easy to do blood work and tests to make sure it is nothing, as part of a general physical. Do it.

    They say mine is just a swollen node.
  13. This thread caught my eye as I feel the same thing behind my ear, only it sounds like its smaller than yours. I was also getting slight pains now and then in both ears. Thats gone, thank god. I think it was just a slight cold that settled. I guess its pretty common. Best to check w/dr. though if it doesn't go away.
  14. This happened to me once. Left ear too. Very weird. I don't remember if I had a cold at the time. Either way, it went away within 3-4 days.
  15. You did nothing wrong. Not sure why Bella responded like that :s

    I'll chime and say ME TOO on the swollen lymph gland. The first time it happened I also had one directly under my chin and another behind my jaw bone. I went to my GP Dr and she gave me some antibiotics and ordered me to take a day off work :sweatdrop:

    Hope yours goes away soon :flowers: