1. Could anyone recommend any good luminizers? I Heard Stila all over shimmer and benefit high beam were good. Any thoughts? Thanks
  2. Becca Shimmering Skin perfector is lovely, and comes in different shades. I have it both in Pearl (more silvery, I use it mainly in winter) and Opal (more golden, beautiful with a tan). Lisa Eldridge has a tutorial where she uses it.
  3. Second the Becca SSPs. I also think NARS Copacabana Multiple, Eyeko Pink 3-in-1 cream & Bobbi Brown Shimmerbricks are beautiful too.

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  4. Oh never of shimmer bricks! Is it a cream form?
  5. I like the Chanel one that is a it bronzey liquid in a glass bottle. It's beautiful and natural looking and the perfect amount of shimmer. I also like Benefit High Beam which is such a pretty pale pink glow rather than sparkly. If you are looking for a little bit of sparkle, try the Stila one which I also like for that purpose.

    If you prefer a powder, I recommend Bobbi Brown Shimmerbricks. I have the Nectar and Pink Quartz ones which are good.

    For a cream highlighter, I like NARS the Multiple. Good all purpose shade is Copacabana. For a tan look, South Beach is gorgeous. For a pretty coral glow, try the Orgasm one. There are also many other shades, and they make them in liquid form, too.

    All of these are amazing, I can say.
  6. Is the benefit high beam liquidity or creamy? Do you apply after foundation as a last step?
  7. Like exotikittenx said, they're powders. Baked, I believe, but much less shimmery and glitterbomb generally, than MAC MSFs (though there are some MSFs I like.) I really like the Pink, & Rose Gold (but I believe it was limited edition...) Shimmerbricks.
  8. It is a liquid in what looks like a nail polish. It is not runny, though. It's easy to work with and won't drip off the brush. I just apply and blend with my fingers at any point after foundation... Either under or over blush. If you want it to stand out more, do it last. Otherwise, put blush or bronzer over it to subdue it a little.
  9. Oh I forgot about Mac! The Mineralize Skinfinish in soft and gentle is great, too. It's a powder and shimmery but easy to work with using brush or clean fingers in smaller areas.

    Can you tell I love highlighters? Lol
  10. Yes,I can tell going to sephora to get a sample! Thanks!☺
  11. I love the nars illuminator in cococabana. I prefer it to benefit high beam. Maybe it's just me but the benefit high beam gets all clumpy on me around the neck of the bottle..that was my only complaint but it was a big one.

    I do prefer the texture of high beam..more liquidy...whereas the illuminator is more gel like. However, you get so much more product for price with the illuminator. I bought mine last November and use it very day and am almost close to being half way gone so it lasts more than a year. And I definitely prefer the Nara illuminator over the cream has more staying power.

    I also have the Chanel tan de soleil in sunkissed which was mentioned above and that's closer to benefit sun beam.

    I've also heard such great things about becca shimmering perfector thru Lisa Eldridge that I was going to try it out when I run out of my illuminator. I've also considered trying the benefit girl meets pearl (I think that's the name) and MUFE makes one too that looks a lot like the nars illuminator. And like you I've heard Stila is a good product.
  12. I love these Becca items too!

    Rouge Bunny Rouge also, makes great liquid and powder highlighters. RBR's Sweet to Touch is one of my "go to" favorites. It makes me look alive and lit from within without any obvious sparkle/glitter.
  13. We seem to have a lot of common loves :biggrin:!!!! And now, of course, I'm going to have to get the RBR Sweet to Touch, sigh... ;)
  14. I noticed that! I will have to stalk your posts to see what else you've been enjoying;)
  15. Benefit High Beam is my HG illuminator, but I also love Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl (also a liquid) and Stila's Illuminating Powder in Gold.