Lumineuse PM Being Discontinued?

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  1. So I've read a few posts that this bag will be discontinued by year end. Is this true?

    Also, would you say this bag is worth the current price tag? I do love the style and have been wanting a zippered "tote" for the longest time, but I feel for the price, I can get a Chanel GST or something very similar.

    What are your thoughts? :smile:
  2. When I purchased mine earlier this week, the SA confirmed. I purposely purchased it because of the zipper. The leather is beyond amazing and I don't find it heavy.
  3. I have the gst and the Lumi and I'd pick Lumi over the gst any day. The get puddles and looses form over time, whereas the Lumi softens, but doesn't really loose it's shape to affect it's beauty.
  4. Yes, it is being discontinued. I have a XL GST and a Lumi and I like both about the same. You should go with the bag you would most likely use more. Good luck deciding.
  5. This will be my first empreinte piece and I'm quite excited :smile: Which color did you choose?

    Ah, good to know! I've seen a few pictures where the Lumi's handles tend to tug on the bag when items are filled inside. Do you find this true with your bag?

    I most likely will go with the Lumi since I like the added security of a fully zipped bag, thank you!
  6. Wow, I didn't know this!! I just got mine in Orient a few months ago, and now I'm even more glad that I did.
  7. How do you like your Lumi? Is it as heavy as people say it is? I know the weight is subjective so ultimately I will have to try it on for myself. I think I will stop by my boutique tomorrow to check it out :smile: Have you experienced any tugging of the handles when the bag is filled with items?
  8. Man I had noooo idea she's being discontinued?! I got her in Noir when she came out in hopes the piping issue is resolved 😕
    Also, I still haven't even used her yet so I'm bummed I have no input other than SHE'S GOOOORGEOUS!!! Hahaha!
    I did think of getting of the Chanel GST and by all your comments I feel much more secure I got the Lumi! 😊 I can start dreaming of a different Chanel!
    HURRAY TO LUMI FANS! 🎉🎉 ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397346008.447810.jpg
  9. Chanel can be addicting. I got my black caviar jumbo flap bag with GHW last month and have yet to use her, haha...I think I will bring her out with me for my birthday brunch/dinner in 2 weeks.

    I'm currently on multiple wait lists for a black caviar with SHW WOC. I highly doubt I will be getting the WOC before the rumored 5/1 price increase. Regardless, these will most likely be my only 2 Chanels for a long time, which is why I have to fall back on LV to satify my handbag addiction :biggrin:
  10. I got it in Infini. Let us know what you decide. :smile:
    Lol haven't used mine yet either. But I agree, such a stunning bag!
  11. I like the Lumi a lot. I got it in Orient and think it's really pretty. It is a little heavy, and I was just telling my friend that I planned on carrying it sometimes to work, and I also have the Epi Neverfull MM, and that i think I like that a little better for work, as it is a little lighter. I have not experienced any tugging of the handles, but I haven't over stuffed it either. I use a Pursebling purse liner in there and I carry several things but not tons of stuff. If I don't carry my iPad mini in there the bag is not that bad regarding the weight. I have the Artsy in Neige and that it kind of heavy, too, but any of the bigger leather bags will be kind of heavy. I like a zippered tote so this one is good and looks great. Let us know what you think after checking it out. :smile:


  12. Oh please take mod shots for us ok?! :smile: I would looooove to see it on you!!! Thank you!

  13. You haven't either?! LOL tooooo funnyyyyy! Ok so don't laugh....from time to time, I smell her! LOL she smells sooooo goooooood!
  14. I admire her and smell her...waiting for better weather. That smell is unbelievable! Lol
  15. Ooooh...I've seen the Infini from online pictures and it looks delicious. Too bad the color is now discontinued. I was thinking of the Aurore, which I believe is a fairly popular color as well. I was thinking of the Neigh but is deathly afraid of color transfer.

    I'm actually getting the Lumi as my Spring/Summer work bag as well. I'm currently using my Mono Neverfull GM, which I do love, but I want a nice pop of color for the warmer months. I'm a bit disappointed that the Lumi does not come with feets on the bottom though.

    Will do!! :smile:

    Oh my goodness, I will probably be constantly sniffing the Lumi as well!