Lumineuse: is the cracking a serious issue? Should I buy something else?

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  1. I appreciate all the help I can get on this topic. I love the Lumineuse. I think it's practical for my life and would love to buy one, however, I have been reading about cracking issues with this bag. Do they happen on just about every bag? Should I reconsider purchasing this bag? I'd hate to pay that much for a bag and have problems with it.
    Thanks so much!!!
  2. You got nothing to worry about if you're buying new from the store.

    I had a Lumi from one of the earlier batches of production and it had minimal cracking. I had it exchanged for a brand new Lumi and it's shown no signs of cracking (or wear). The SA told me that the glazing issue has been fixed and the newer batches will not experience cracking (and if it did, they'd gladly replace).
  3. There are some stories but I believe it's not more than the probability in any bag
    You should get it
  4. I just brought my Lumi back because it had massive cracking issues after 1,5 years..
    They gave me store credit and the After-Sales manager told me he wouldn't recomment getting another Lumi because it might happen again and -his words- i am apparetly bothered by the cracks (who wouldnt?!)

    I am also thinking about getting another Lumi because i love it so much, but i dont know if they will replace it AGAIN..
  5. I hope, hope this is true!!!! I have an Empreinte Artsy and other LV bags in several designs, both casual and dressy, but just recently decided that I really wanted the Lumi in Orient for my collection with hopes being able to use this bag on a regular basis with not much babying or worry, and have just paid and due to pick mine up this Saturday!! My SA says that he had not heard of this problem when I mentioned reading about this issue. Should I be concerned or feel like I need to baby it or do anything to prevent this issue from happening?
  6. I do not own a Lumi but my bestie just got one right before Christmas from a gift from her husband. Just a few days ago she noticed cracks!!!! She is so upset. I have not seen her bag yet with the cracks so I can not comment on how bad they are. So with this happening, I am not sure LV has fixed this issue :shrugs:

  7. I just took these photos for y'all. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391186633.739324.jpg
    Second Lumi- no problems thus far - took pics of areas where cracks appeared on my first Lumi.
    Don't baby an emp bag! They are way too durable for worrying. And don't try to prevent whatever will happen from happening, bc if and when it happens, they can tell if it naturally cracked or not and will replace it easily. I never ever baby my Lumi!
  8. Never had a problem with mine. I am happy:smile:
  9. Thank you so much!!! That really helps a lot!!! I was feeling a little insecure about it all, as my store here doesn't seem that friendly when it comes to quality issues, and they seem to love to say that things are "basic wear and tear", like a couple of years ago when my DE Neverfull straps were peeling after only 2 weeks. I am glad that hopefully LV would stand behind their quality regarding this expensive bag. I'll go tomorrow and pick up my Orient Lumi!!! :biggrin: