Lumineuse - is it still having problems?

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  1. Are LV still having problems with the cracking on the Lumineuse? Is there anyone that has bought one in say the last six months had any issues with it? I'm seriously considering it but when I spoke to my SA about my concerns her response was they fix the cracking on wallets so should be able to fix the cracking on the bag - didn't really instill me with confidence.

    I'm wanting to put a 13" Macbook Pro in it so my LV options are pretty limited unless I go with GM sizes - which are far too big for me. Any suggestions for an alternative (you know I really want you to say that the Lumineuse is totally fine now and to go with that one ;) ). Is it worth the risk?
  2. I had one that cracked and they replaced it. I feel like it may crack again but who knows. I love my lumi but it is heavy and if you are going to add a Mac book you may find it really heavy so test it out.
  3. I don't have the citadine but I think it is lighter you may want to try that out.
  4. Thank you! Everyone who owns one does say how much they love it, and it does seem a really good size, if it wasn't for the cracking issue I would have it already. My friend has the Citadine so I want to get something a little different so we don't match. :biggrin:

    PS your avatar is AWESOME! Look at that bow on his smiley smiley face! Too cute.
  5. Mine cracked and I got it replaced with a new bag. I feel like the bag itself isn't meant to have that type of sealant..
  6. I recently got my Lumi and it has not cracked. Actually I bought it preowned and the date code is from 2010 and not cracking.. My 2nd Lumi is from 2011 and no cracking.
  7. Thank you, I know you've had a horrible time with it (been reading through all the posts here on the forum). Do you love the bag and thinks it's functional or has the the whole experience just ruined it for you?
  8. That's really encouraging, thank you. And I have just one word to describe you young lady: ENABLER! haha I see you've got an artsy as well - personally I think the Artsy for much prettier but it would be too big for me, it's a lot bigger than the Lumi isn't it?
  9. Hmmm I suppose it is.. I've never really compared the 2. I just love them both lol..
  10. Could you please explain the cracking issue? Is it on the leather, straps, zipper, hardware? Does it happen with heavy use or even if they're in the closet? I'm considering this for a Christmas present, but maybe I should pick something else?
  11. I bought mine last May/June. I only carry my wallet, phone, keys, and a lipstick. Mine is white and so far I have only carried it in the warm months, so no more than 20 times for the two summers combined. Every time I read about the cracking issue I would pull mine out and inspect it carefully, in case I missed it. So far I haven't seen any cracking on my Lumi. I am curious too as to whether the defect only starts to develop under heavier use.

    The leather has softened quite a bit (almost immediately) and has a very nice hand to it. It's casual and luxurious at the same time. I love mine! (I posted some modeling shots a while back.)
  12. Thank you. He is my baby! Always smiling!
  13. I'm bumping this thread bc I'd like to know if I should exchange my lumi for something else if this issue hasn't been resolved.
  14. I've had mine since October and have not experienced any cracking or peeling at all.. i love my Lumi and I think you should keep her.. If it would crack.. I trust Louis Vuitton will replace or repair your bag anyway.
  15. Hi! Thanks for the reply. Have you been using the lumi everyday since you got it?