Lumineuse Cracking Handle Question


Jan 9, 2012
I realize this has been "fixed" now with the newer ones coming out, but I'm curious as to when it was "fixed". I have the opportunity to buy a like new one in preowned condition with no current issues, but it was produced in 2012 and I'm worried that it will develop the problem. I feel like the "fix" started in 2013 or so for some reason. Any insight will help. Thank you!

Also, anyone who has one from 2012 or older with no issues, if you could chime in too to ease my mind, I'd appreciate it!

I know LV has been fixing the ones that it happens to, or replacing them, which would be fine with me... however, I know they are discontinuing this particular bag and at some point will not be able to fix/replace and I do NOT want a credit for something else. This is my UHG bag!

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May 29, 2009
I purchased a noir (black) Lumi last year and was told that it was fixed with the noir ones. I am not sure if they fixed the cracking problem with the other colors.


Feb 7, 2013
I had a lumineuse that I bought in 2011. Never had any issue and used it a lot. I recently sold it but only because I'd grown tired of it not because of any defect. I have heard of a few people having issues but I also know of many people who actually owned the bag and had none. I can understand your apprehension but if this is the bag you really want I think you should go for it. It's a beautiful piece and pretty functional too.