Lumineuse color choice

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  1. #1 Oct 2, 2012
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2012
    Need your help. I am looking to purchase the empreinte lumineuse. They just released the new chocolate brown color which is stunning. Its a safe color but then again, i have a lot of mono and DE. My heart says the Neige color.

    My current handbags:
    Casual - mono speedy, epi noe in Ivoire, mono NF GM, mono speedy b 25
    Formal - Trevi, alma epi in indigo
    Evening - Rossmore in Vernis Amarante, mono Pochette

    If you were to buy this bag, what color would you get? Thank you!!! Hugs!
  2. :love: ahhh the Lumi! My personal favourite is Infini. But with the Lumi, you cannot go wrong! Good luck deciding.
  3. I would get the chocolate. I would be too nervous with the lighter color of getting something on it or marking it up. I would be too paranoid using it.
  4. Hrm. You already have an ivory bag and some brown ones.

    How about a lovely aubergine? (this does come in a plummy colour, no?)
  5. i love neige but afraid of color new chocolate brown it is :smile:
  6. I have this bag on my radar as well, and I think it looks so pretty in Infini. The neige is pretty too, but I would be way too nervous about getting it dirty or ruining it.
  7. Love the Neige but I would go with Infini. So afraid of color transfer. Can't go wrong with either though. Good luck deciding.
  8. infini!
    i feel like for that price and how prone it is to color transfer i wouldnt get neige
  9. I'd go with the infini. I love the look of the lighter bag but to worried about color transfer and it getting dirty quickly.
  10. Out of the two, I would get the Infini but if I had to pick anyone I would go with the aube.. It is a stunning color...
  11. I absolutely love the Lumi and bought mine in the Infini colour....I didn't want to have to worry about colour transfer or dirt on a lighter coloured bag. I think that the new brown is gorgeous and that would be my vote :smile:. Have fun deciding! They're both beautiful!
  12. Thanks ladies. My mom just called me after I sent her these photos, and here are her words: "You crazy? White? No No, you will feel so sorry for yourself." :nono:

  13. ^So what are you going to do now? get the brown one?
  14. Not sure... For this kind of money, I don't want to question my decision and it's really hard. I want it to be perfect, and not sure if this is "perfect" in color for me. I love color, but the Aube or Aurore or Infini are not calling my name. And I have enough of the LV brown family.

    All I know is that my mom's advice, after she said I was crazy (haha), is that if I'm not 100% sure like I was with my Trevi, then don't get it.

  15. You already have a beige purse and this one will get dirty/show dirt & marks very easily. It is a very pretty bag but probably won't look that way for very long. You already have a lot of brown so I say Infini since you don't have that color. Or possibly another color like Flamme or the new raspberry (can't remember the color name right now).