1. I was considering getting Lumineers, My teeth are straight but I want them white white and bigger (i think my teeth are to small) anyway, I dont want vaneers because i dont want them to grint my teeth down to nothing and i dont need a full reconstruction because my teeth are already straight. Has anyone else had lumineers? experience? Price? Opinions? LoL anyhelp at all would be wonderful...
  2. anyone?
  3. Arent they REALLY expensive? I heard that its like 2000 dollars per tooth, or something like that.....

    I think I am probably wrong though........... LOL
  4. i dont know, I was hoping someone would tell me, lol
  5. I'm looking into them too at the moment! I'm swaying more towards veneers at the moment, cuz my teeth are pretty straight too with the exception of 2/3 on the bottom row, but they aren't REALLY out of place just a bit. but my problem is my teeth are different sizes :/ everyones telling me everyones teeth are but they dont understanddd LOL mine just don't look right!

    I was supposed to be getting lumineers this summer, but my mum backed out of it. I was paying but it has to be done through her cuz I'm only 17. :sad:

    Definately getting them next yr though!

    Anyways I wasn't much help sorrrryy, I did look at prices but I'm in the UK so it's prob really different over there. I know the place I want veneers is £265 per tooth so like $530 dollars.
  6. yeah i wish there was a response
  7. :sad: anyone?
  8. I consulted my dentist about them...but I changed my mind after hearing how they are done. They remove some tooth structure, and adhere a thin layer on top. Sometimes, if they are not done correctly, they will make your teeth look 'fat'. Plus, you have to be extremely careful when eating, say, like apples! The cost was approx. $600.00/tooth. And you really should have at least 8 on top done. My teeth are fine, but I was concerned about some calcium deposits that can be seen when I smile (white spots on a few teeth). But the nearly $7,000.00 it would have cost made me opt for whitening instead. One of the hygienists in his office had them, and they looked too white to me...almost fake. But I imagine they work wonders for people with really bad teeth. I did have a look at his before and after book, and was quite impressed with the results. But then again, the before pictures were scary!
  9. Oops...disregard above! I forgot we were talking about Lumineers and not Veneers! Sorry.[​IMG]
  10. yeah my teeth are fine.. I just want them bigger. lol but it is scarry to do something like that.... 7k is lot of money
  11. hummm... i want to know how much Lumineers will be cost.. anyone??
  12. Maybe go to a cosmetic dentist. If your teeth don't have anything wrong with them besides being too small, then go for zoom whitening and get your gums trimmed... they can shape your gums and hence make your teeth bigger, and I'm sure that will cost less than 7k!!!
  13. well when i smile my gums dont show at all, My teeth are just small (to me) I want them bigger when i smile, I did zoom 3 years go but it costed quite a bit of money, made my teeth very sensitive, and the results were short termed. Now I cant even do an at home bleach due to the sensitivity.
  14. i have a small chipon my front tooth, its not noticable but you can see it up close so i was thinking about veneers or lumineers(i know it might sound silly but it makes me really self conscious when i smile big). from the comments i guess no one would suggest lumineers but does anyone have any suggestions for me? i dont have to have it filled in because i know it would just chip
  15. I thought i would bring this back up... Anybody that has lumineers?