Lumi pm.. Opinions needed :-)

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  1. Ok fellow TPFers. I am trying to decide if I really want the lumi pm. I currently only have all canvas bags ( ebene, mono and Azur)

    I really want to have another option other than canvas. I thought about the vernis alma but I had one before and sold it. I love the style of the lumi especially the multiple carry options. When I look at the Aube color I love it but Infiniti seems more of an everyday color however it just seems too dark for me. I love the artsy however I prefer the artsy in mono and Azur.

    Does anyone have the lumi in Aube and use it as an everyday bag. Also how is it holding up so far..

    Also those of you who have other bags I Aube ( speedy and artsy) do you use it as an everyday bag?
  2. Good one!!! I have the same problem and need answers!!!
  3. I dont yet have an aube but think if i did, i'd have no problems carrying it every day with any color outfit, casual or formal (work). The color is dark enough to be rather subtle. I have empreinte in infini and aurore and would have no hesitation to use either every day.
    Good luck!
  4. I have a Lumi in Ombre and an Artsy in Aube. I have been carrying my Lumi every day because I love it so much. I have never used my Artsy - but it's not the colour that's stopping me. It's just that I really love the Lumi. I think an Aube Lumi would be a beautiful choice.
  5. Aaww.. Still in dilemma..:hugs:

    Just like what I told you in PM, my Aube Artsy was never hard for me to match since it's dark purple.. I always get compliment with my Artsy and especially because of the color..:biggrin: Just go for Aube!!;) I wear my Aube Artsy for the entire week without changing it..:biggrin:
  6. I have the Lumi PM in Aube and it's absolutely gorgeous... I've gotten ton of compliments on it... I don't wear it everyday because I rotate my bags and don't get out everyday (SAHM)...
    I could see myself using it as an everyday type of bag though since it has multiple carrying options...
    I haven't had any issues with it at all...

    Here's a little taste of it... ( enabling much, no?) lol... :biggrin:
  7. Nice photo, thank you for posting.
    OP, thank you to make this thread. I am in the same boat as you, want to buy lumi pm but still confuse between infinity and aube..
  8. Just gorgeous!!!!
  9. I love your pic what have you done to the edges as it has taken away the square look which was putting me of the bag on your pic I love it x
  10. I think you should def get the lumi, I love the shade of purple! :smile:
    And all of your beautiful slg will fit in there! ;)

    I was debating between artsy or lumi - I couldn't decide and left the store empty handed, slept on it for a good few weeks...went back and fell in love with the new emp speedy. :biggrin:

    It's small but fits a lot, surprisingly. Infini was too dark for me since I wear lots of black, I ruled out the option right away. Pink or purple - always tough choice!! LOL

    Good luck, I am still wanting Lumi!!
  11. This is a really pretty bag. I dont own one but i did try it on in the store over the weekend. I really loved the way it looked on my shoulder. Not as heavy either compared to the emp. artsy i felt. You should get this bag. :smile: