Lumi - black or earth?

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  1. I'm really getting nervous about the possible price increase, and I know I want the Lumi. Should I just get one online in the Earth right now Lumi PM, or should I wait it out for the Lumi in black to come out in March that is sure to be around $200 more.

    I don't even know what this bag would look like in black, so I am actually wishing for something I have no clue.

    Anyone with the Lumi that has insight on the right color to get that makes it functional but still not boring?!

    I don't want the reds/pinks colors for sure though.
  2. I saw some sneak shots of how the black would look
    and I think it is worth waiting for
    having said that, the earth is also nice
    and if you need the bag now and want to save the money than get it now
    the thing is if you do like the black color better than one more month to wait is not that mucha
    and who knows maybe the increas on the lumi would be minor this time...
  3. Did you see in the Lookbook?
    hope someone post the pics!