Lumedia & Hylexin... Have you used these....

  1. Products before? The sales reps @ macys tell me these products have amazing result. I need to clear up and even out my skin tone and at this point I will try anything.

    Please give me any info you can on your experience or someone you know who has had an encounter with this product, thanks:smile:!
  2. Hylexin did nothing for me, such a waste of money.
  3. ^^ ditto. Nothing for me either. I finally said screw it and got a great concealer.
  4. ^me too. I think Jurilque's Arnica cream works much better.
  5. ditto unfortunately.
  6. Oooh noooo!!! I guess I better take it back. What about the lumedia, any opinions on that?

    Thanks everyone for you feedback!
  7. No one has heard of or tried lumedia???? TIA!