1. The US side used to do that all the time, but I think since they took WMTM down for a while to fix it, things have been better. That used to drive me crazy though, I'd think an item was available and then you clicked on it and nothing...
  2. My mum has one 10 minutes away from her and she told me two days ago that they had dune and black. She went back today and they only had 2 black ones left! I was sorta disappointed because I wanted the dune, but she said she would buy me the black one and it would be a gift. I can live with that! The only thing is that she lives in NJ and I won't be there for another two weeks :smile:.
  3. they just added a lot to the sale page.
  4. I got my first pair of lululemon pants in the mail the other day, I got the wonder under crops. They are really nice and comfortable but I wore them on my run yesterday and I kept having to pull them up. I think they will be great for errands and less intense workouts, but I think I'm going to have to try some of their other crops for running.

    They are very flattering though & very comfy so I'm looking forward to trying out more styles.
  5. They sound like they may be too big!! I never have that problem. But congrats on your first pair!! ANd I use them for running and errands too!
  6. I agree, they could be too big for you.
  7. I wear that style pant and others for everything from yoga to running and running errands and have never had this happen. Did a SA help you? If so I would take them back and explain your problem, if not I agree with the other's that you probably bought them too big. If a SA guided you to the size you bought they should exchange them because you were put in a size that is too big or something is wrong with them.
  8. I could never run in Wunder-Unders! They fall down for me too. I have a think waist and wide hips...if you have a similar body type, that might be the issue. Best for running are definitely their "run" products- the Power Luxtreme has compression and is a great fabric for running tights. Hope this helps :smile:
  9. got the nothing to hide mini in lilac. it is so cute! my fave lulu skirt. it's really light too. got the optimal tank too, it's very flattering. got the white which looks great on but you can see the padding/insert things a bit so i'm not sure if i will get another color.
  10. I thought it was weird of me wanting to use it as a daily bag!!

    then I found the good fortune bag and all the ways you can wear it and want it for my daily wear! :smile:

    the bliss might be kind of large, for me personally, day to day.
  11. I agree with the's probably too large of a size. If the size isn't the issue I'd recommend their inspires--I LOVE them!
  12. I never even thought about that, but my sister got a pair and said hers didn't fall down at all, so maybe they are too big. thanks for the tip! if you wear them while running with no problems then I'll definitely have to look into a smaller size. also I LOVE the pink ones you posted above, so cute!!

    thanks for the input, i'm going to look into a smaller size for sure!

    Unfortunately I bought them online since I don't have a lulu that close to me. It seems that I got a pair thats too big, I appreciate all the input from everyone! I'm going to go for a smaller size with my next pair.

    thanks for the info! I'm going to look into smaller sizes as well as their crops that are designed for running and see what I can find!

    Yeah i was looking at the inspires, I think I'll have to get a pair of them next, along with some smaller wonder under crops to try. thanks for the tip!

  13. Def try the inspires! They are great for anything where you sweat a little more and they are really comfy!
  14. I want the good fortune bag too! Any modeling pics?
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    have you seen the stock photos from the official site?

    theres these:

    and this:

    and you can see more of it through various blogs

    and do you think it'd be good for every day? what would you wear it with if you were to carry it like that?
    cos I had the same idea ;)