1. so i see now why all you canadian girls rave...they just opened up a boutique in my nearest big city. i am never buying nike again. :heart:

    i have never had better service at a store other than Nordstrom. plus i looked amazing in a pair of shorts. a pair of shorts a size smaller than i usually buy! i've been looking for shorts that don't ride up or have funny seams for ages.

    aaaah i'm just so happy! what are your favorite styles? my friend from alberta that i went shopping with said that the boutique in portland didn't carry everything...i'd be interested to know what everyone likes.
  2. haha its not very often you see someone from the States raving about a Canadian Store...its usually us Canadian girlies that are jealous of all the variety you have! Lululemon is super comfy! I love their long tees and motorcycle pants. (I don't know why they are called that, they are just normal jogging style
  3. It's in Boston, right?
  4. Are they available online?
  5. well, maybe. but the store i went to was in portland oregon of all places. :wlae:
  6. ooooh, I love lululemom! Everything is so comfy and nice looking. I really like their gym bags. And their pants are super nice.
  7. Yay to lululemon! On campus almost every other person is wearing something lululemon- usually hoodies or pants- it's pretty popular here as casual wear. I own a couple of different workout tanks that i love and would def recommend.

    FYI - the pants are soo comfy and make anyone's arse look good too. ;)
  8. my friends mom owns lululemon.. she sold 49% of the company and it just TOOK OFF. hah..
  9. !!!

    I'm happy for you guys! Lululemon makes, hands-down, the best exercise/lounging clothing. Juicy ain't got nothing on them.
  10. There is a lululemon down the street from where I live, and I am definitely in the minority here, but I have never understood the hype about their clothing. Maybe it is because I'm not a big workout person :shrugs:. I'm sure the clothes are great for that purpose, but it kinda bugs me when I see everyone wearing lululemon stuff as city clothes just because they think they are being trendy. Just my opinion though!
  11. i love lulu! i started wearing it years ago to pilates and then yoga. now i wear it as an alternative to juicy. so comfy, great service (free hemming)! glad to hear a cdn company is making their way in the US!
  12. I don't own any Lululemon stuff yet..but I want some of the clothes! They look soo comfy!! & the gym bags are really nice
  13. i used to love lululemon stuff but then everyone started wearing it and i don't really like it anymore
  14. I used to live in Santa Monica and could just go to the stores :sad:
    But I've moved now and can't find them online, any suggestions? - NO eBay, please

  15. I would call a store nearby and order stuff and have them send it to you. All stores do that now