Lulu Guinness

  1. I snayone into Lulu Guinness?

    thay make some darling purses but sadly aren't very practical for my lifestyle :shame: . I'd be spending a lot money on soemthing I'd only wear once or twice. they're fun to look at though and I love her slogan: Put on your pearls, girls!
    lulu_guiness_w400c.jpg 0e_2.JPG lg-bags-Chandelier-Purse-THUMB.jpg
  2. I have the "kiss and tell" evening bag and matching coin purse. I bought it on e-bay and am still waiting for an opportuntiy to wear it.
  3. I love her bags, I have a black purse that has a teacup on it and it says "It is written in the tea leaves", I wear it when I have to get dressed up, it adds some fun to my outfit!! My mom also has a carpet bag from her, it looks great with jeans. And I have a purple felt bag, but I don't use it as much as I'd like to.
  4. They had a chihuahua coin purse awhile back that I totally should have nabbed:sad:
  5. Yes I love and collect Lulu Guinness. Her purses generally divide between her "collectables" that come in limited editions of 200 - 500 only and her more general line. I have three from her collectables - one is in the shape of a small silver castle complete with turrets and a roof which lift off. I also have a flower bucket and a house bag (called the bordello bag) similar to the first two purses in the first pic in Missthings post. I use these when I go to weddings mostly and people always comment on them - I wear them with a fifties style dress with full skirt amd silver peep toe high heels - Lulu Guinness bags have a fifties vibe so it works really well.

    I also have some from her general line that I use every day - she has "shopfront" shoulder bags that I carry day to day sometimes - they are the same shape as a Fendi baguette bag and mine has a Chocolate shop front on it complete with little embroidered sweet and choccy diaplays in the "window" of the shop. It is gorgeous - I think I might even get it out and use it today!

    Sadly I live very near to her Royal Exchange shop near the bank of england in London so temptation is always there!
  6. i hear you! You could drop a serious amount of £££s in those Royal Exchange shops, lol! (Now that 've found there's a Louis vuiton shop there too, it's over fo me, lol!)

    I was there about half an hour ago and I had to stop and look at the Lulu
    Guiness shop front. those red bags are beautiful!
  7. I love LG. I have one of her straw bags and I get so many compliments on it.
    LG 2.jpg
  8. There's also a Hermes there you know!
  9. uh-huh. That's why I was there, lol! but the don;t open till 10am :Push:
  10. Did you get what you went for - don't tell me it was a bag - exciting!! You should have consoled yourself with a purchase from Lulu!
  11. Her handbags are very unique. I love that. What I don't love are the prices! Way to high IMO.
  12. I love Lulu Guinness bags, and collect them when I see them--I have day bags, the street scene ones, and some other ones that are a bit rare. I think that the designs are fantastic, and I love the whimsy they bring to an outfit.
  13. I wish I as going to buy something, lol! I was meaning to get someone to look at a scarf because I was 99% sure it was fake. They were closed but at least I've saved face because other people have agreed that it's fake :crybaby:

    Lulu Guinness wa closed too, lol!