lulu guinness couture line??

  1. how have i not seen this before??!? just found her boutique in NYC, and love doesn't even begin to cover what i feel for this beauty....

    the photo so doesn't do justice....:heart: :heart: :heart:

  2. I bet it's breathtaking IRL!
  3. that bag is stunning!
  4. That is a very pretty purse!
  5. beautiful bag. I like Lulu's bags, because she makes them so feminine and ladylike. That bag could easily be from the 50's!
  6. Oh you have stumbled across a wonderful thing here! Seriously I am a huge Lulu G. fan and the couture range is amazing. They have a beautiful cobalt blue tote that is breathtakingly gorgeous for Spring. You can see the bags on-line but the best thing is definitely to see them IRL as they are stunning. Highly recommended to all.
  7. I'm also a big Lulu fan. And I absolutely love that bag!
  8. I have a couple Lulu bags, shoes and umbrellas- she has such adorable stuff- has anyone seen her collectable bags ?? like the box of chocolates ?? SOOOO cute !!!
  9. What a beautiful, lady-like bag! So classic!
  10. my friend is like, in love with this designer. i just didnt feel it when i browsed the site.

    the first bag the OP posted though, that bag is adorable and i'd totally use it for an evening bag if i needed one. i love that coinpurse shape!
  11. Oh, I love Lulu. I have a number of her bags.
  12. I love Lulu. That bag is gorgeous.