Luke's Parental Advisory on Vh1

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  1. Anyone watch Luke's Parental Advisory?

    I enjoy watching this show. I love Luke's sense of humor!!
  2. I do. He is hilarious!
  3. This started already? When does it come on?
  4. I saw an episode or two while flipping channels, one where his son had a porno in his room that Luke's fiance found.

    He is funny, I laughed a lot when they were at the bakery. I don't think I'd make a point to watch this show, but he is amusing.
  5. Luke should be extremely worried over his daughter and the guys she hangs with. Goodness knows all the daughters of many fathers he took advantage of when he was an artist.

    But, I do agree that its a funny show, and I think his kids can't try anything with him, he wrote the book on vulgarity after all
  6. I dont exactly know when it comes on. Whenever I flip thru the channels and nothing else is on I watch this. It comes on late at night too.

    I saw the one where his daughter was having people over, and Luke told them to get out at 6pm cuz the party was over, LOL.
  7. ah lukes...30 mins is too short!
  8. hey ho let's go get on the flooor let's