Luisaviaroma UPS Shipment Exception

Mar 18, 2007
I was checking on the status of an UPS package I am expecting from luisaviaroma, and the UPS site is indicating an exception on the delivery stating "Package data processed by brokerage. Waiting for clearance."

Has anyone experienced this before with shipments from luisaviaroma (i.e. is this normal)? I have never ordered from them before and the order contains a bday gift for my S.O., and I am getting worried it may be held up in customs or something :sad:


Mel Boteri
Oct 7, 2013
Hi DoubleEspresso,

I have not experienced this with Luisaviaroma specifically, but as a handbag designer I am constantly importing goods from Portugal or Italy into the US. I typically use Fedex, but I'm assuming UPS is similar. This is just a normal part of the importing process, and unless there is any information missing it should clear and be delivered on time. If you are worried, there should be a number for you to call and ensure they have all of the necessary info. for clearance. In the past, my packages have been held for clearance because they were missing my company's EIN#, material of items being imported, and origin of manufacture. Hope this helps ease some anxiety ;)