Luisaviaroma taking Pre-orders for Violine & Jaune d'Or

  1. Hi all,

    Just thoguht I'd pass along that LVR is taking pre-orders for the coveted Violine (Purple) and Jaune d'Or (yellow), both of which will supposedly ship out in September fromn LVR.

    Here's a link to their BBag page.

    I just ordered my Violine City with Silver GH--can't wait! Just FYI, you have to pay ahead of time and then the bag will automatcially ship out when they get it in.
  2. Are they still doing only GH styles?
  3. Looks like it for these colors at least...
  4. Is LVR in Italy? If so, do we have to pay high shipping plus duty for shipping to U.S.?
  5. I'm pretty sure that at the moment LVR are offering free worldwide shipping on all F/W items incl pre-orders.
  6. I just tested logging in to Luisviaroma site. Looks like they charge $50 shipping to U.S. Did anyone have any experience ordering from them? Were you charged with duty to ship to U.S.? TIA!
  7. My DH ordered a bag from them last Christmas.

    He was charged ~10% duties from FedEx. And IIRC he had jump through some hoops to sign for/receive the bag.

    And the bag must be returned within 10 day I think.

    So be very sure before you place an order ;)

  8. Thank you so much! Looks like it is not worth to take this risk to buy a BBag across the ocean.
  9. I have ordered from them- great customer service but you will be charged customs fees if ordering in US and they send with FedEx which had some delays getting it through customs. Then you sign for it. I hate waiting for a package that I have to sign for.
    Also returns are a PIA from US.
    I tried to return shoes and could not through USPS. I was told that they could not get shoes through Italy customs and I may get charged by Italian customs. I never heard this before and gave up. I have the shoes still but learned my lesson. I don't order something unless I am sure that I want it.
    They are seriously very very nice to deal with.
  10. Thank you! I believe Luisaviaroma is a great site. It is the custom between two countries makes the process painful.
  11. I will be in Italy (on holiday) from mid-September to mid-October and will be visiting both the Florence & Rome LVR stores.

    I'll keep folks posted as to what I see ... I can always bring a bag (or two) back with me.

    POSTSCRIPT on the Violet GRANDE Matelasse that I [thought] had been ordered for me ... alas, I found out just last week, that they were not able to get it ... needless to say, I am wicked bummed :crybaby:!