Luisaviaroma Shopping Pics

  1. So - a week later and the inventory is all different - but here are some images from my trip to Florence!These are the purple/pigalle Bay and vermillion Bay...
    Italia Jan 2008 040.jpg Italia Jan 2008 041.jpg Italia Jan 2008 045.jpg Italia Jan 2008 046.jpg
  2. adding MORE pics..... (now that I know how to do it!) The last picture is of the beautiful Ponte Vecchio in the background and the large front pocket Paddy in the foreground. I was clutching it to me the whole time for fear of gypsies! The first pic is of the purple patent Bay - without good lighting to really show it off. Not a small bag. The second is the aqua patent smaller Bay - very cute and again the lighting was off because DH is not a professional photographer. AND that's when they started yelling at him...
    Italia Jan 2008 043.jpg LVR crop.JPG Italia Jan 2008 035.jpg
  3. :tup:Great pics Div ( you starting to make me yearn for my blonde hair back !).
    Even MORE confused :confused1: about the purple quilted Bay now. Is that the same colour as mine ?It looks darker than mine and is it patent or is my eyesight playing up again ?

    I :heart: the non-quilted patent purple bay too (I think that's the one you're after, isn't it ?). Do you think she will be yours at some point ? I think I already know the answer to that actually:yes: !

    There's something very funny about your DH being yelled at by the LVR girls :lol:...although I bet it wasn't very amusing at the time :nogood:!
  4. What fab pics, Div! And what a sweetie your DH is - risking life and limb to take pics LOL. Is that hm in the reflection in the second photo (first post)?

    ...Oh, and the lovely ponte vecchio - I love that little alley that continues from the area that you're standing in. We went to a lovely spice/dried herb/pasta shop just down from where you are in the photo!
  5. Great pics, love those vermillion shoes I see there.....:girlsigh:

    There are so many shapes and sizes of the Bay, WOW, didn't realize there were so many options. Thanks to you and your DH for these pics.:goodpost:
  6. I want every pair of shoes in the joint!!!!!! Ok my lust is back again; the patent green n/q Bay and the matching wrap sandals was the final nail in the coffin! Fabulouis pics Nat!! I so glad you finally learned how to do this!

    Poor BIL, I would not want an Italian woman yelling at me!!!!!!!!
  7. Great pics, Div... Your husband didnt do bad at all...
    I love the last one... The ponte vecchio looks awesome with a front paddy in the pic...
    And... WELL DONE for posting the pics yourself...
  8. I am fairly certain that the pigalle/purple Bay in the photo is the same bag you have, Tag. Lighting makes all the difference in the world - as you know from stage stuff. If only I could have had the proper time to carefully set up the shots but I knew we would be busted eventually. The only thing that stopped us from being thrown out was that I was actually purchasing something and it was something they probably KNEW would be marked down 20% more in the next few days. Oh well - win some, lose some. My DH was shameless and yes - you can barely make him out in the window reflection. He was a true blue dear to hang around the store as he did since he was a real fish out of water. There WERE other men shopping for themselves - continental types that were hovering around the computers to get a better look at the stock. These guys were wearing high end duds while my guy was sporting his stained zip front sweatshirt jacket with "London" blazing across his chest that I picked up at Target last year. AND he was wearing his yucky eighties faded jeans that he refuses to part with. If anybody knows how to 'fashionize' a man - let me in on the secret!:supacool:
  9. Don't you wish you could go back there right away? I truly think that our Chloe girls Euro tour should go to Florence and London to catch Tag's husband's play! With lots of shopping in between. Start saving money now!
  10. Suze - since when does he EVER care about women yelling at him? I think he rather likes it since he loves antagonizing them even more by just brushing it off. Anyway - I don't care what you say about being sated - you have GOT to get this aqua or green patent. Totally YOU! And the shoes were TDF. Chloe does the best shoes of anybody - more wearable and edgier.
  11. For the life of me I can't discern the difference between the new shade vermillion and epice?? Nat and I studied all the pics and the only slant I can zero in on is the type of leather (perhaps) used? Epice is a shinier leather? where the vermillion is not (I think)? However when I look at the pics of this vermillion Bay in the LVR store I'd swear it's of my bag? Shoes in this color would be nirvana llson! Shoes in the teal would be nirvana llson; shoes in the black patent would be nirvana!!!!!!!!:sos:
  14. That would be a store to get locked in overnight, I'd be just like a kid in a candy store, could you imagine trying on all those shoes and bags:drool:
  15. :tup::yes::tup: GO DIV...that is an excellent plan !!!