Luisaviaroma prices???

  1. Hi everyone, I'm looking to purchase a pair on with shipping to the US. I've heard to ends up being cheaper with the exchange rate to buy from them. I was wondering... why are the prices so drastically different from country to country?

    US (with import fees and shipping) price is 1096 EU
    Regular EU price is 895 EU
    Regular price minus VAT is 739 EU

    There is a huge difference between 739 and 1096 to account for import fees. Is there any way around this?
  2. Actually, those are the import duty fees (and maybe taxes, I'm not sure for USA) and shipping. If a company formally goes through the official channels of customs, then the duty would be higher. They are shipping using a large courier like UPS which is going to do things by the book. If they were to ship by local mail which would switch to USPS then it would probably be less I think. I am not sure why this is? There is no way around this unless you know someone in Europe who can ship the shoes to you via regular mail.

    ETA: Oh yeah, I just realized that companies like UPS and FedEx charge a fee for processing and at least for Canada, you get taxed on top of that! I avoid UPS and FedEx for international shipping whenever possible!
  3. ^Agree. Duties, taxes, brokerage fees.
  4. Oh man :sad:... thank you guys for this info! I guess the only way is to find a seller that uses local post.
  5. Well, they're still cheaper than buying locally and paying for tax but not by that much. For me, it's a bit more worth it because tax is 13% here!
  6. The problems is that shoes are consider a luxury good any prize they are, from 10 to 1000 euros/dollars and they apply taxes on them.
    I've the same problem carrying CL from US to Italy, but the number was wrong and I had to change them via mail. When they return to Italy the custom let me pay an additional 96€ fee. Fortunately I declare a 200€ value of the shoes otherwise I had to pay almost another pair of CL on taxes
  7. I was wondering about this too. Buying from the Net-A-Porter UK website charges much less for shipping and duties charges than Luisaviaroma. I emailed LVR to see if they would sell me the item using prices they would charge a European customer minus VAT + duty charge similar to NAP and they gave me some explanation about asking my bank about foreign currency exchange rates. Not very enlightening. I think they are charging US customers much more than they should be:tdown:

    On NAP, for a EUR1860 item they charged only EUR100 duties and EUR36 shipping plus subtracting VAT of EUR100.

    If anybody has some hints with LVR, it would be really appreciated as I have my eye on an item there.
  8. Wow, that is a huge difference. There is a jacket that I want and it is 1245 EU but when I put my location as US it increases to 1536 EU which is a $400.00 difference! That is ridiculous. It makes me wonder.
  9. I ordered from NAP from the UK website and I agree the charges were not bad but LVR is ridiculous! I think they are charging US customers more than they should.
  10. I've been reading a bunch of threads about LVR and I'm wondering if the difference might be that LVR uses FedEx and NAP uses DHL to ship? From what I understand FedEx charges $200 to ship and then they add duty charges on top of that. I guess I'll buy from LVR when only they have something I really want!
  11. That is crazy. I was looking at a jacket being sold by NAP and LVR and if I go through NAP versus LVR it is a 700.00 difference! Still doesn't make sense to me. What thread did you see this information at?
  12. I know! Makes me think that something is not right!
    Anyway, in the beginning of this thread Dessye and CEC.LV4eva mention in their posts about Fedex adding fees. Sorry, I read a whole lot of other threads and don't remember specifics other than this thread.
  13. Yeah it's absolutely insane how much they charge in "brokerage fees", I found this website that compares brokerage charges and gets the total actual costs (it's for Canadians but probably give a pretty good idea of what they are charging in general). Pretty useful, but sometimes's definitely talked me out of a purchase or two.