LUISAVIAROMA F/W Chloè Handbags on sale now!

  1. oh boy! i really like the jade edith
  2. Has anyone ever bought from them? I know they are legit, but I'm wondering how it works with tax and import tax... how do I calculate that? Is it add'l to what you pay LVR?

    I'm in the US, by the way.

  3. I like the jade too. very pretty.
  4. I ordered from them, but items I wanted were sold out. I'm expecting something from them on Monday. This is what they wrote me

    "As per your home country's import policy, please be reminded that the shipment may be subject to DDU (Delivery Dues Unpaid) import duty fees.

    We kindly ask you to verify that the merchandise you receive is indeed the item you ordered."

    I wish I don't have to deal with Italian web stores, I have some not-so-good experience, but they do sell some really great stuff.
  5. the Jade one caught my eye too! How much is it in USD?
  6. Awesome buys! Dont like the Ollie though
  7. When you actually place your order, the price of an item will be significantly less than stated(?). Shipping is $50 to US though. If you order for $1000, shipping is free.
  8. Thanks! I picked up the Side Pocket Paddy in muscade.
  9. What colour is muscade? I looked it up and it's brownish colour, but the bag on the site is red? :shrugs:
  10. Muscade is brown. Wonder why they display a red?
  11. Muscade is the whiskey or nutmeg. I am at work so I was thinking the same thing - it looked red. I would LOVE it in either color though!
  12. ooo,! are you getting one?? I'm thinking about it... :love: Too scared the lock will chip though.. :sad:
  13. ughh...the temptation.....
  14. ooh so tempting!