LuisaViaRoma experiences anyone?

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  1. Hi all, i'm new to this forum but i really like to get a Balenciaga Bag. Can anyone share their experiences with LVR? Because i just saw they have the silver Giant Work in plomb. Has anyone from Singapore ordered from them before? thank you :smile:
  2. they're great. i ordered from them a few months back and it came within days. they were very helpful. i actually much prefer buying from europe when i'm home in singapore, for some reason, it's just a lot faster. usually takes a week from the us but 2-3 days from europe. you won't have to pay vat which makes it cheaper but you will have to pay customs.
  3. Thanks Pluiee. Its great to hear they are fast.
    Their B bags are authentic rite? I'm just cautious since it'll be quite alot of money spent on something i don't get to see and touch.
    Btw, How much is the custom paid?
  4. yup they are authentic. :smile: don't think anyone has any problems with their authenticity thus far? yeah it's a pain to have to order a bbag sight unseen but the markups here just don't make it worth it! plus the store here doesn't have that many colors or styles. :/ 7% (same as gst) on your total bill. unfortunately, they won't declare a lower value.. fedex/ups (can't remember which they use) pays for you first and then you pay them back later.

    have you tried aloha rag (, it's free shipping worldwide plus they do declare a lower value on their bags.. lvr generally has a larger collection of giant hardware. plus at the end of the season, their bags are usually marked down quite a bit. :smile:

    good luck and post pix when you get it :smile:
  5. Great price / great bags / get stock in earlier than most stores / fast shipping.

    They don't always supply the tracking info. or tell you that the bag has been sent.

    The last bag I got wasn't very well packed (inside the posh box with the nice tissue and ribbon) so had shifted and creased at bit.

    However, I will continue to use LVR as my favourite supplier. (The bags are often delivered before the pre-order dates on the website.)

    Great sales and outlet goods too.
  6. HI I have ordered from LVR for delivery in Singapore. They charged euro 50 shipping and you have to pay GST 7%+S$10 processing fee to Fedex.

    Without a sale, I think Aloha Rag is cheaper for Bbags. Shipping is free (over US$500). You also have to pay the same GST charges to Fedex as well (but less GST because AR declares 25% of price). I ordered an Ocean City from AR recently (comes to ~S$1750 total)and the service and shipping is faster than LVR. The credit card verification process though for AR is longer for non-US cards. You can sign up for the membership card which gives 3% discount.

    You can view the bags at the Club21 store at Hilton Hotel. If you have the Club21 VIP card which gives 10%, I understand the price it will be pretty close to the US list price +GST+shipping.
  7. Thanks Jenova.
    Do you mean they sent the bag without the Balenciaga box?:confused1:
  8. Thanks Jem332.
    I did try AlohaRag but they did not have any Giant Work.
    But i tot that LVR will ship for free if purchase over 1000euro?
    I was at the Hilton boutique on thurs during my tea break, i tried the City, Part-time and Work. I was very tempted to get the City because my colleague said that it was nicer than the part-time but i had doubts fearing that its too feminine for a guy (i know it sounds stupid since its ladies range afterall!)
    So i took 1 day to think about it and decided on the Giant Work since its bigger and more punkish with the studs. But when i called them up, they told me it was sold out!
    Can you imagine, only 1 day and i missed the bag!:wtf:
  9. Btw Jems332,
    I like your picture. Its a green paphiopedilum orchid! Thats 1 of my fav flower ever. But its quite hard to find a fresh one in Sg.:smile:
  10. No Balenciaga box and none of the companies or shops in the UK that I deal with ever send that box. I think that I have heard US people say that you get the box from Bal themselves and Aloha Rag. LVR uses their own blue box for all their goods which is very smart.

    Check with LVR about the free shipping over 1,000 Euros. It might be just to Europe?
  11. I ordered my some items from LVR and over 1000 euros. the shipping is free to US. :tup: I got the items about 2-3 days. Fast and nice service.
  12. Btw, does anyone know if the handles on the Giant Work is long enough to be carried on the shoulder? thanks :smile:
  13. I am able to carry my GH Work on the shoulder... (it is very "tight" now...-definately couldn't do sweater or coat.. but I'm hoping with use it will loosen up a it IS more COMFORTABLE by hand) I have a GH Part Time bag and I can use it over my shoulder easier than my work (plus it DOES have the optional strap that the work does not)!!
  14. Thanks ladies and guys for your helpful comments.
    I've finally ordered the Giant Work from LVR!
    Now i can't wait to receive the bag, i dun think i'll be able to sleep these few days. hehehe...:biggrin:
  15. i know that feeling. :biggrin: do post pictures when you get it!!