shopping experience?

  1. Unless they screw up, I'm pretty sure I'll keep the shoes I'm getting. I'm going to use Paypal, which they say guarantees immediate shipping.

    Anyone think that Paypal is a bad idea for this?
  2. i went to the store last year and i actually didn't like the SAs.. they were sniffy and very rude.. and they weren't paying attention to me.. maybe becuase they thought that i wasn't going to buy anything? i was actually asking one of the SA's.. the one who looked sort of kind.. since it looked like he was willing to help me.. because the store itseldfis breathtaking.. one of the best shops ever.. but it's kinda hard to be able to find something inside.. i mean i found a fendi peekaboo with jimmy choo shoes and D&G jeans.. btw.. i asked this guy about alexander wang..
    and he did correct me saying his name.. he pronunced it as wong.. so i was like ehm okay.. and they didn't have all the bags the site was showing.. i'll never ever enter into that shop and i won't buy from them online.. just my 2 cents..
  3. Well, I was about to place an order because it looked my the shoes were in stock but when I got to check-out it said that it is a pre-order and that according to the site:

    "PayPal payments for Pre-Orders are the same day as order placement."

    I guess that makes sense, but it also means I will pay for something that is not slated to arrive for a month and a half. I hate to think they have $750 of mine for a month and a half while they may or may not get the item in.
  4. ARGH! So aggravating!!
    Over a month later, im still trying dealing with these people!
    They wont answer my questions and keep making me repeat the issue over and over even though everything is documented in the email chain!
    Evidently their responses show they arent even reading the emails before they reply!
    ARGh! ArgH! aRgh! :mad::mad:

    Im so over buying from them! Even their promo codes arent tempting enough!
  5. I've ordered some more stuff from them since my last post, and still, it was a wonderful shopping experience. Received my items in 5 days (2 days shipping by Fedex). No problems encountered and they answer my email the next day.
  6. I placed a pre-order for a pair of shoes and will let everyone know how it goes.
  7. i ordered my PS1 bag from luisaviaroma last year and shipment to canada was pretty fast. they include import taxes in their prices now so i guess that means you don't need to pay anything when you receive it.
  8. I love! My first Mulberry was bought from Luisaviaroma & the service was excellent!!!
  9. I just bought some shoes from there On Feb 5th and they arrived here in Canada today, the 11th. That's faster than I receive things from Toronto!
    Oh, I should add that with all the taxes/duties shipping in the all inclusive price they were about 31% cheaper than I would have paid at Holt Renfrew with taxes. That's kind of ridiculous, considering they were shipped from Florence!
  10. I know! I'm always tempted to order stuff from the site because it's a deal considering I live in Canada. Prices are so good when the Canadian dollar is high.
  11. I know! I'm always tempted to order stuff from the site because it's a deal considering I live in Canada. Prices are so good when the Canadian dollar is high.
  12. I received my pre-ordered shoes and I'm happy it all went well.

    They even packaged it nicely - unlike my Farfetch parcels where the shoe boxes was just thrown in a big outer box. Not that it really mattered - those shoes were on sale so I can't expect nice wrapping... but Luisaviaroma did make it feel special.

    I'm actually looking for more to buy now. :smile:
  13. Luisaviaroma is great, I guess I'm lucky to live in Europe since it's Italian based. I normally receive my orders within two days after payment. I use Paypal and I would recommend to use that if you want the quickest way to receive your items.
  14. i loved shopping with them,they shipped really fast, it came overnight from italy to nj
  15. I bought a black small Givenchy Pandora from them just last month but had to return the bag because of a tear at the back. I had a difficult time dealing with FedEx for the return because of some stupid requirement they thought they needed but anyway, the bag was brought back to them around last week but I didn't hear a word from them in an email or something that they've refunded my money. I had to inquire again through email if they had processed the refund already. Also, instead of returning the small givenchy to their supplier or wherever, they re-listed the defective black in their website! They're probably hoping someone would buy the bag and not notice the tear at the back until it's too late. So a tip to would-be LVR customers....examine the item closely once it gets to you because they don't do quality control before sending the items. In fact, they send items fully knowing that there's a defect!

    Their shipping was fast though...the bag only took 2 days to get here. And in a way, I would probably still buy from them because of their FREE return/exchange policy (one of the few international shopping sites that I know who offer this). If they didn't have this then I wouldn't even consider buying from them again.