shopping experience?

  1. Hi Ladies

    So I am admiring the Givenchy medium Black Patent Nightingale on because I can not find that exact style here in the states. It says it is a preorder for March 2007. I know because it would be an international shipment it would probably already take longer to get here even if it wasn't a pre-order, so I wondering if it is worth it to pay the 50 euros for shipping now plus duties charges (that are unspecified now and will come later) when I don't even know when my bag will arrive? Does anyone have any experience with luisaviaroma pre-orders or their ship times?
  2. I have never pre-ordered anything from them, but since no one else has replied, I figured I'd reply with the one tip that I can offer:

    If this will be your first time ordering from LVR and you want to receive the package quickly once the item is available, then pay by bank transfer or Paypal rather than with a credit card.
    I ordered an item last week and paid by debit card. Normally with a debit card, the money is immediatley withdrawn from my account and transfered to theirs, yet it has been a week and the money is still sitting in my account. The reason is that their bank has to do some sort of security check for all first-time clients paying with a Visa or Mastercard (although, since mine is a debit card I don't see what they're checking on--if the funds were not available the transaction would have gone through in the first place).
    Anyway, LVR is waiting on the (lengthy) security check to finish before shipping my item and it's taking quite a while.

    I suggest using an alternate method of payment if you want your item ASAP.

    Sorry I couldn't be of help on the pre-order thing.
  3. Barney's has the nightengale.

    As far as LVR, only the first shipment takes a little longer because they verify your information with the CC company. It only takes a few days; maybe 3 or 4. It's going to cost you about 10% for import fees and that you will pay to Fedex after you get your bag.

  4. Thanks for the info ;)

    And all the the Barneys i have checked only have the *metallic* version. its nice but about $1000 more than the patent...:s
  5. Check with I would call them. They might have it.
  6. did you end up ordering this?
    if/when you get it, do post pics! :heart:
  7. they are amazing !!!!!!!! i love them !!!
  8. argh!
    OK when things go smoothly, but a pain if there are issues!

    I recently received a pair of shoes that are damaged (now a week),
    and as the shoes are sold out, they advised an option where they will exchange it with the manufacturer.
    I want to know more before i head down that path to avoid heartache,
    but they wont answer my questions about exchanging with manufacturer!! :rant:
  9. I recently placed an order as a first time client,
    do you guys know how long it takes them to verify the payment???
    I was told just a few days, now it's been 9 days!
  10. On their website it says that shipping to Canada: Prices and invoice are all inclusive DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) and reflect VAT (Value Added Tax) exemption. Payment is in Euro. All orders are FREE OF SHIPPING CHARGES. This applies to US as well.

    Doesn't that mean that there will be NO additional charges when the package arrives to you? Has anyone bought from them recently that had to pay additional charges such as brokerage fees, etc?

  11. That's what I read about the US as well, and I read it to mean all you pay is the price charged. No additional taxes, no VAT refund.
  12. ^yup. I just ordered from them.

    Whatever is written on the site, is the price they will charge you. No further fees on delivery or extra fees will be billed. Only thing you need to do is verify with you CC-company or bank to ask them what they charge for foreign currency exchange.
  13. I placed an order --got the bag in 3 days from Italy to Canada no extra duties or fees. I am trying to return the bag but Italy is like 8 hours ahead of our time zone so good luck with communication. My bag was stuck in Italian customs for 2 weeks and now I am having a heck of a time to get customer service to process my refund.They keep sending questions and it takes a day to get a reply. Just make sure you really want the item because it is a pain to return!! They want to force store credit on you instead of a refund. That has been my experience with them. Not sure if I will order from them again.
  14. Thank you! I am trying to order a Mulberry Alexa which is over CA$1,000 and don't want to be stuck with a huge customs and brokerage fee!
  15. ^ I'm about to place an order too! Love the free shipping - and they do make it sound like there is no duty and brokerage. We may have to pay taxes though, but that would be fine...