1. I'm not sure it this has been posted anywhere but... atm if you buy two chloe handbags you get 30% off plus free shipping.

    Apparently this discount is processed at the moment of shipping and the offer is valid until 27th November 2006!
  2. Thanks for posting! :flowers:

    Just checked my e-mail: I remembered getting a newsletter from LVR but did not click on the attachment. Anyway, I think it is for certain bags only: there is the medium Paddy (muscade, creme, tan, brun, olive, gris-vert, aubergine!!!), small front pocket Paddy in metallic blue with the black hardware, and Ediths (large – mastic, whisky, brun, gris-vert; regular – whisky, brun, olive, gris-vert).

    They said that if you order online, you would still see the regular price until they actually ship out the bags. I would urge anyone wanting to order to confirm with LVR by e-mail first that the items you want are indeed on sale, because this is limited to certain items only.

    The offer also includes Duvetica down jackets – you can also buy one jacket and one bag to enjoy the 30% off.

    I think we should get together and order to make up the numbers!!!