Luisaviaroma Balenciagas??

  1. I have bought few Chloes from them and it was few hundred $ less than the boutique and considering ordering a Balenciaga from them.
    Has anyone bought B bags from Luisaviaroma? If so, how much did you have to pay for the duty fees in the end? Thanks
  2. I have purchased from them before. Depending on the style of bag you end up saving $50-$100 after customs fees.
  3. i've bought shoes and a chloe bag from them earlier this year. apparently, they shipped from new york, so there wasn't any custom charges. i'm not sure about bbags though.
  4. Really?? Are you thinking of netaporter because I am sure luisa has them in Italy. Maybe I am wrong.. please correct me.:shrugs:
  5. I bought my BI Twiggy from them and also Chloe Paddingtons. They ship from Italy. But they only have Giant BBags this season, apart from the messenger.
  6. I have purchased from them on several occasions. You will get billed for customs duty a few weeks after your purchase arrives. There will be paperwork to fill out the first time you purchase (you can do it all by fax - it's not a big deal) but after that you won't have to do the paperwork when you purchase again. You do save $$$ buying from them, even with the duty charges.
  7. yikes! max, you're right. i just looked at my receipts and i was thinking of NAP. sorry.:push:
  8. hmm....haven't really tried out buyin from them yet. But they don't post the items/colors available, need to email them, not too sure what is their response time as compared to the rest??
  9. LVR will reply your email the next day they got your mail i guess.. they'll send u the color and style available.. SA is helpful and friendly! :yes: shipping is free if u purchase more than 1000 eur, so u can compare the price with retail, see which is more reasonable!
  10. Thanks candiesim....will try to email them and find out the bags's availability...hopefully the service will be better than BAL NY.....cheers
  11. i ordered from them about two-three weeks ago and they were pretty helpful. you do have to pay customs though. i bought mine (GH brief for <E1000) when they had free shipping on all orders so i think i saved quite a bit even after my customs bill.

    if you go to their website and look under designer balenciaga, they show all their available stock for each bag (but no pictures).

    i sent in my order thursday afternoon and got it by monday morning. :smile:
  12. I've never bought from them, but I do notice that they have some stock that is difficult to find, like a blue glacier courier and a few other interesting color/item combos.
  13. does anyone know how much is shipping if order is less than 1000euros?

    Do you think they'd waive the shipping fee if the order is 995euros?

  14. I've never ordered from them I am going to go look right now.
  15. Just wonder I've been to their website which you can purchase online directly by choosing the color, is that all the color they have? I found out they mainly stock GH bag because i was looking for a RH city or work and they told me they dont have it in stock.