Luisaviaroma aka LVR posted their CLs for purchase!

  1. Here is the link girls. Enjoy!

    This is more so for the Europeans, although they probably get pretty good deals from the US since the dollar is so weak?

    The only thing I see that I haven't seen available in the US YET is the white patent Jolie and blue/yellow architek.

    They have good photos though and who doesn't love eye candy. :p
  2. This rocks! :rochard:Thanks for the link, asha. I love the color of the blue Architeks, although I wish the heel color was red or black. Not too crazy about the yellow.

    The patent Jolies are gorgeous. After seeing them on you, I would love to have them.
  3. I'm gald to see they are now carrying them. Although they don't have a big selection.
  4. Nice eye candy. I do like those blue/yellow architeks. Very spring like.
  5. Thanks so much Asha!!!
  6. Thank you for sharing :tup:
    Yes, dollar is weak so the prices are good, but then we must add about 30 % of taxes and duties on top of everything :tdown:
  7. Thanks for the link!
    Its always nice to see a different place carrying them.

    LOVE the white Jolies!
  8. Oooh I like the white Jolies!!! I didn't see those at Saks..that's why I got the black patent ones.