Luisa via Roma Sale - Is anyone having any problems?

  1. Hi,

    I had never heard of LVR until I joined the Purse Forum, and I have been on a fast learning curve... I learned of one LVR sale in late November. I placed an order on Nov 28th, and I rec'd e-mail confirmation of the order - a taupe Paddington and a whiskey/tobacco kind of color python Silverado. 50% off. Great deal right!? On Nov. 28th, I rec'd an e-mail confirmation of my order. On Dec. 4th, I receive an e-mail saying that " wanted to personally inform you that we are awaiting the CITES documents for the Python Silverado handbag to be imported into the Unites States. (the handbags are both ready for shipment)." I have requested by e-mail an update on that order on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (today). Haven't heard anything back.

    Then LVR put additional handbags on sale - so I placed another order on Sunday evening (I think) I didn't write down the "T" number, and I didn't print anything out. I rec'd an e-mail confirmation on the first order, and I just assumed I would receive another e-mail confirmation. Well, I didn't receive an e-mail confirmation, and I tried to e-mail them about that. No luck. So, I decided to place another order, because I was thinking maybe I didn't click that final button. So I placed another order, and this time I wrote down the "T" number. I placed that order last night. I haven't rec'd an e-mail confirmation or anything from that order either. That order was around 4,000 Euros. The Sunday night order was around 5,000 Euros, and when I placed the second order, some of the items that I ordered were not available. So, I have sent another e-mail asking someone to please contact me. Have they rec'd the orders???? I tried to call the number several times, and it is busy.

    They have not charged my Amex anything, and I wish they would. At least I would know that they have my handbags/clothes altogether. Is anyone else having a problem?

    And I would so love to receive something that I have ordered. :sad:

    The only two Paddingtons that I have rec'd in record time are the first two that I purchased on eBay, and the sellers sent them so fast. I rec'd them in two days from the date of my purchase.

    I have purchased two mini Paddingtons from Nordstrom's, and I haven't rec'd them yet, but I did see where my credit card has been charged.

    Any thoughts?:confused1: Annette