Luisa Via Roma- not offering b bags?

  1. I was thinking of buying a bbag from LVR but now I'm uncertain if LVR really offers Balenciaga. On their website, Q and A, they write:

    "If the item does not appear on your web site – do you still have it in your stores?
    NO. Our web site is a virtual warehouse/boutique. Every item that is on the site is what is available in our shops and warehouses at any given moment." ​

    Now the problem: on their website, they do not display any kind of Balenciaga merchandise what so ever.
    From what I understand Balenciaga prefers that the stores do not sell bbags directly through online shops, but instead via email. But then wouldn't LVR at least display photos or some kind of information that they are indeed selling bbags? Because I sure don't understand why they would want to keep their selling bbags a secret, they want to make a profit, don't they?​

    Isn't it strange for them not to write that they offer Balenciagas if they really do?​

    I'm very confused!​
  2. They display everything except b-bags, but they do have them. You just have to write an email to the address they provide and they will send you an updated list of what is available.
  3. they definitely have them. I bought 2 Purses from them, and there are many here who've bought from LVR also.
  4. Isn't the reason why they don't post pics because they don't want them stolen? Aloha Rag doesn't post pics either, but both LVR and AR will email pics of current stock to you. I assumed this was because they just want to know that you are pretty interested.
  5. LVR was swamped with all of our orders 2 weeks ago, they only had a few shoulders available on Thursday. We bought just about everything they had!
  6. Okay! That makes sense! And I guess it's a good thing because there is a bigger chance I might actually get my hands on one of their bags... Too bad all of you ordered a few weeks ago:smile: . I guess I just have to be patient. I'm constantly searching for a First in black or rouge vif, my heart pounds like crazy when I look at the pictures posted here. I should actually be studying right now, this is not good at all! Anyway, thanks for you help everyone!